West African Football Union

The West African Football Union (French: Union des Fédérations Ouest-Africaines de Football; Portuguese: União das Federações Oeste Africanas), officially abbreviated as WAFU-UFOA and WAFU, is an association of the football playing nations in West Africa. It was the brainchild of the Senegal Football Federation who requested that the nations belonging to CAF's Zone A and B meet and hold a regular competitive tournament. The union organises several competitions including the WAFU Nations Cup and in 2008 they organised an under-20 championship.

West African Football Union
  Zone A
  Zone B
TypeSports organization
Region served
West Africa
Official language
English, French and Portuguese
AffiliationsCAF, FIFA


The union's current president is actually Amos Adamu, but he was banned for three years from football activity by FIFA over vote-buying claims for the bids of the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups. Kwesi Nyantakyi was appointed interim president in Adamu's absence. Adamu has since appealed the ban at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.[1]

Member associationsEdit

The union was founded in 1975 with all the current members, but in 2011 the Confederation of African Football decided to split it into two zones, citing "the organisational issues that face WAFU."[3][1]

  • Zone A (Niger)
  • Zone B (Volta Niger)

Mauritania is the only WAFU member to also be a member of the Union of Arab Football Associations.

Country Zone Governing body
  Cape Verde Zone A Cape Verdean Football Federation
  Gambia Gambia Football Association
  Guinea Guinean Football Federation
  Guinea-Bissau Football Federation of Guinea-Bissau
  Liberia Liberia Football Association
  Mali Malian Football Federation
  Mauritania Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania
  Senegal Senegalese Football Federation
  Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Football Association
  Benin Zone B Benin Football Federation
  Burkina Faso Burkinabé Football Federation
  Ghana Ghana Football Association
  Ivory Coast Ivorian Football Federation
  Niger Nigerien Football Federation
  Nigeria Nigeria Football Federation
  Togo Togolese Football Federation


WAFU runs several competitions which cover men's, women's, youth.

Competition Year Champions Title Runners-up Next edition
WAFU Nations Cup 2019   Senegal 1st   Ghana 2021
Zone A Women's Cup 2020   Gambia 2ND   Senegal 2021
Zone B Women's Cup 2019   Nigeria 1st   Ivory Coast 2021
Zone A U-20 Championship 2020   Senegal 1st   Mali 2022
Zone B U-20 Tournament 2018   Senegal 1st   Nigeria 2020
Africa U-17 Cup of Nations qualification
Africa U-17 Cup of Nations qualification
UEMOA Tournament 2016   Senegal 3rd   Mali 2017

Defunct competitionsEdit

Competition Years
Amílcar Cabral Cup 1979–2007
CEDEAO Cup 1977–1991
West African Nations Cup 1982–1987
West African Club Championship 1977–2011

FIFA rankingEdit

Men's national teamsEdit

Rankings are calculated by FIFA.[4]

WAFU FIFA Country Points +/−
1 20   Senegal 1546  
2 35   Nigeria 1481   1
3 51   Ghana 1426  
4 56   Ivory Coast 1392  
5 59   Mali 1386   2
6 60   Burkina Faso 1378   1
7 77   Cape Verde 1319   1
8 78   Guinea 1317   4
9 82   Benin 1293   1
10 117   Sierra Leone 1167  
11 123   Guinea-Bissau 1155  
12 124   Togo 1140  
13 152   Liberia 1047  
14 166   Gambia 990  

Last updated 24 October 2019

Top Ranked Men's National Football Teams

Senegal national football teamIvory coast national football teamGhana national football teamIvory coast national football teamCape verde national football teamIvory coast national football teamGhana national football teamNigeria national football teamIvory coast national football teamNigeria national football team

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