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Wesley Edward Sims (born 12 October 1979) is a retired American professional mixed martial artist. A professional from 2001 until 2013, he competed in the UFC, the WEC, Strikeforce, K-1 and the IFL.

Wes Sims
Born (1979-10-12) October 12, 1979 (age 42)
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Other namesThe Project (previously)
A Whole Show (currently)
Height6 ft 10 in (2.08 m)
Weight260 lb (118 kg; 18 st 8 lb)
DivisionHeavyweight (206–265 lb)
Reach81 in (206 cm)
Fighting out ofLancaster, Ohio, United States
TeamTeam Hammer House
Years active2001–2016
Mixed martial arts record
By knockout13
By submission9
By disqualification1
By knockout6
By submission5
By decision3
By disqualification1
No contests2
Other information
Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog


Sims was born in Cleveland and raised in Amanda, Ohio. He was a star center on the basketball team at Amanda-Clearcreek High School, and went on to Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati. However, he dropped out after only one semester to pursue a career in professional wrestling, moving back to Columbus to train. He soon met legendary UFC and PRIDE FC fighter Mark Coleman who had a better plan for the young Sims which was to become a mixed martial artist, believing that Sim's huge size advantage would be significant against opponents. Sims helped Coleman prepare for his bout with Ricardo Morais at PRIDE 8, before embarking on his own career in the sport.

Mixed martial arts careerEdit

Frank Mir rivalryEdit

In 2003, Sims fought a controversial fight against Frank Mir at UFC 43. At the very beginning of the fight, Mir put out his hand to touch gloves and Sims rushed past Mir's outstretched hand and into a quickly maneuvered takedown by Mir. In the first round, after slamming Mir to prevent an armbar, Sims got up while Mir was on his back against the fence and proceeded to stomp Mir's face several times while holding the fence for extra balance. The fight was stopped and Sims was disqualified.

This started a rivalry between the two and they met again in 2004 at UFC 46. Mir easily took control of the first round with an arm triangle attempt. Near the end of the second round Mir hit Sims with knee strikes to the face and then punches to knock Sims out.

The BiteEdit

Sims fought again in the UFC at the UFC 47 against Mike Kyle. Sims took the fight on less than a weeks notice after Kyle's original opponent got injured. Kyle dominated the entire first round and knocked Sims out at 4:59. Sims protested after the fight that Kyle had bitten him on the chest.[1] During the post fight interview, a bite mark could clearly be seen on Sims' left pectoral muscle. This marks the first time a bite has ever happened in a UFC fight since its UFC 1 in 1993, when Gerard Gordeau bit Royce Gracie in the championship match. When asked in the cage after the fight to explain the bite, Kyle told commentator Joe Rogan "he's a dirty bastard anyways, look at all the stuff he's done......." Kyle still denies any wrongdoing.

After losing to Kyle he was released by the UFC.

Tim Sylvia rivalryEdit

Wes Sims faced former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia at SuperBrawl 38. Sylvia was coming off a title loss against Frank Mir, a fight in which he broke his right arm and needed a titanium plate inserted. The two did not touch gloves and Wes began the fight by sprinting towards Sylvia and then backing away. Sylvia got a takedown early and passed through to mount almost right away, but accidentally mounted his knee on top of Sims' shoulder, seriously injuring it. Wes was unable to defend himself with the injury and Sylvia won by strikes in the first round. Tim and Wes had a heated exchange after the fight when Sylvia called Sims out and said he did not deserve to stand in front of him. Wes ran up to Sylvia and trainers had to separate the two. Wes and Tim were supposed to have their rematch for the International Fighting Championships (IFC) Heavyweight title June 6 but Sylvia was injured and the fight was cancelled.[2]

The Ultimate FighterEdit

Sims returned to the UFC as a cast member on the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter, which began filming in June 2009.[3] Sims was defeated by castmate Justin Wren via arm triangle in the first round of Sims' first fight in the house. Despite his early exit from the competition, Sims was seen regularly on the show and may have earned a reputation for being one of the bullies of the household due to his constant childlike tauntings of Matt Mitrione and Zak Jensen.


Sims made his Strikeforce debut against Bobby Lashley on January 30, 2010 at Strikeforce: Miami.[4] Sims came up short and was defeated by Bobby Lashley by TKO. Sims was taken down at the beginning of the first round by the decorated wrestler, who then used the ground and pound technique on the 6'8 UFC veteran. The referee stopped to the fight much to the dismay of Sims, who believed that the stoppage was premature. Sims was expected to fight former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia in Ohio outside of Strikeforce but the Ohio State Athletic Commission did not sanction the bout, citing that the fight was "non-competitive".[5]

Charitable actsEdit

Sims has been friends, since before UFC 47, and former training partners with former UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman and the deceased Kevin Randleman; they were all very close and described by MMA Weekly in an interview with Randleman, with Sims present, as the 3 Amigos.[6] When Coleman was suffering from issues related to hip replacement injuries and training fighters on the Ultimate Fighter (he was the wrestling coach on BJ Penn's team on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn), Sims set up a GoFundMe page for Coleman without his knowledge to help pay him for his medical expenses. Thanks to Sims, donations raised over $51,000, including a $5,000 donations from fellow Pride FC and UFC fighter Mark Hunt, for Coleman's medical expenses, halfway meeting the goal of $100,000.[7]

Mixed martial arts recordEdit

Professional record breakdown
42 matches 24 wins 15 losses
By knockout 13 6
By submission 9 5
By decision 0 3
By disqualification 1 1
Unknown 1 0
Draws 1
No contests 2
Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Loss 24–15–1 (2) George Oiler Submission (armbar) Dugout Summer Throwdown August 13, 2016 1 2:15 Parkersburg, West Virginia, United States
Win 24–14–1 (2) Ruben Villareal Submission (guillotine choke) Gladiator Challenge: Hammer Time September 1, 2013 1 0:37 Lincoln, California, United States
Loss 23–14–1 (2) Lyubomir Simeonov Submission (heel hook) Maxfight 27 June 16, 2012 2 1:05 Sofia, Bulgaria Simeonov was given more than the allowed time to recover on the stool in between rounds 1 & 2.[8]
Loss 23–13–1 (2) Bobby Lashley TKO (punches) Strikeforce: Miami January 30, 2010 1 2:06 Sunrise, Florida, United States
Win 23–12–1 (2) Jason DeAngelo KO (punches) FCFS 29: Battlefield 2 November 28, 2008 1 0:18 Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Win 22–12–1 (2) Clifford Coon Submission (kneebar) FCFS 26: Beach-N-Brawl June 28, 2008 1 1:32 Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Win 21–12–1 (2) William Clifford Submission (guillotine choke) FCFS 26: Beach-N-Brawl June 28, 2008 1 2:12 Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Loss 20–12–1 (2) Steve Bossé Submission (toe hold) TKO 34: Sims VS Bosse June 7, 2008 1 3:05 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Loss 20–11–1 (2) Travis Fulton Decision (unanimous) FF: Capitol Punishment September 29, 2007 3 5:00 Columbus, Ohio, United States
Loss 20–10–1 (2) Chris Guillen TKO (corner stoppage) IFO: Fireworks in the Cage July 7, 2007 2 5:00 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Win 20–9–1 (2) Daniel Long TKO (punches) FCFS 12: Bloodsport June 16, 2007 1 4:01 Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Loss 19–9–1 (2) Chris Guillen Decision (unanimous) UAFC: Art of War 2 May 11, 2007 3 5:00 Dallas, Texas, United States
NC 19–8–1 (2) Van Palacio NC PFC 2: Fast and Furious March 22, 2007 1 0:54 Lemoore, California, United States
Win 19–8–1 (1) William Jaggers TKO (submission to punches) FCFS 7: Fight Club February 10, 2007 1 0:28 Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Win 18–8–1 (1) Albert Palmer TKO (submission to punches) FOG: Fists of Furry December 9, 2006 1 0:54 Richmond, Indiana, United States
Win 17–8–1 (1) Anton Cano DQ (groin kick) MMA: Mexico October 27, 2006 2 0:08 Monterrey, Mexico
Win 16–8–1 (1) Kimo Leopoldo TKO (referee stoppage) Extreme Wars 5: Battlegrounds October 6, 2006 1 1:13 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States [9]
Win 15–8–1 (1) Robert Hogan KO (punches) FCFS 3: Full Contact Fight Series September 16, 2006 1 1:07 Auburn, Indiana, United States
Win 14–8–1 (1) Jabari Hawthorne KO (knees) HHCF 27: Rumble at the Rodeo 2 September 2, 2006 1 0:36 Chillicothe, Ohio, United States
Win 13–8–1 (1) Joel Surprenant Submission (triangle choke) WEC 22: The Hitmen July 28, 2006 1 0:28 Lemoore, California, United States
Win 12–8–1 (1) Paul Bowers Submission UFS 2: Ultimate Fight Series 2 June 17, 2006 1 0:39 Auburn, Indiana, United States
Loss 11–8–1 (1) Daniel Gracie Technical Submission (standing rear-naked choke) IFL: Championship 2006 June 3, 2006 1 2:42 Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States
Win 11–7–1 (1) Buddy Butler TKO (submission to punches) UFS: Ultimate Fight Series April 15, 2006 1 0:50 Auburn, Indiana, United States
Draw 10–7–1 (1) Daniel Gracie Technical Draw GFC: Team Gracie vs Team Hammer House March 3, 2006 2 5:00 Columbus, Ohio, United States
Win 10–7 (1) Jyunpei Hamada Submission (triangle choke) RFN 2: Ryukyu Fight Night 2 November 13, 2005 1 3:07 Okinawa, Japan
Win 9–7 (1) Dustin Sutton TKO (punches) HHCF 22: Rumble at the Rodeo September 3, 2005 1 0:36 Chillicothe, Ohio, United States
Win 8–7 (1) Shane Lightle KO (punch) HHCF 21: Redemption August 26, 2005 1 1:54 Columbus, Ohio, United States
Loss 7–7 (1) Tim Sylvia TKO (punches) SB 38: SuperBrawl 38 December 12, 2004 1 1:32 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Loss 7–6 (1) Antoni Hardonk Submission (americana) K-1 Fighting Network Rumble on the Rock 2004 November 20, 2004 1 4:24 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Win 7–5 (1) Joe Mellotte TKO (submission to punches) EFC 9: Extreme Fighting Challenge 9 September 10, 2004 1 1:00 Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Loss 6–5 (1) Ricardeau Francois TKO (punches) APEX: Genesis September 5, 2004 2 0:26 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Loss 6–4 (1) Mike Kyle KO (punch) UFC 47 April 2, 2004 1 4:59 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Loss 6–3 (1) Frank Mir KO (knee and punches) UFC 46 January 31, 2004 2 4:21 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Loss 6–2 (1) Frank Mir DQ (illegal stomping) UFC 43 June 6, 2003 1 2:55 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Win 6–1 (1) Conan Silveira TKO (punches) HOOKnSHOOT: Absolute Fighting Championships 1 December 13, 2002 2 2:13 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
NC 5–1 (1) Edwin Allseitz NC HHCF 3: Unfinished Fury October 19, 2002 N/A N/A Lancaster, Ohio, United States
Win 5–1 Mike Shepard Submission (guillotine choke) WEF 12: World Extreme Fighting 12 May 11, 2002 1 3:00 Steubenville, Ohio, United States
Win 4–1 John Harmon Submission (triangle choke) HHCF 1: Backyard Brawl May 4, 2002 1 N/A Lancaster, Ohio, United States
Win 3–1 Joe Mellotte Submission (triangle choke) OCF: Ohio Cage Fights March 23, 2002 N/A N/A Delaware, Ohio, United States
Win 2–1 Josh Mueller N/A UW: St. Cloud 1 May 15, 2002 1 1:18 St. Cloud, Minnesota, United States
Win 1–1 Mike Paduano TKO (forfeit) RSF 7: Animal Instinct January 26, 2002 1 0:01 Lakeland, Florida, United States
Loss 0–1 Dan Severn Decision RSF 2: Attack at the Track June 23, 2001 3 4:00 Chester, West Virginia, United States

Mixed martial arts exhibition recordEdit

Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Lose 0–1 Justin Wren Technical Submission (arm-triangle choke) The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights N/A 1 N/A Las Vegas, Nevada Preliminary bout.

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