Heavyweight (MMA)

The heavyweight division in mixed martial arts (MMA) generally groups fighters between 206–265 lb (93.4–120.2 kg).

Although many ambiguities exist within the lowerweight classes regarding division naming and weight limits, the Heavyweight division is, for the most part, uniform. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and most other North American MMA organizations such as Bellator MMA, WSOF, and King of the Cage (KOTC) abide by this interpretation to their 206–265 lb athletes as heavyweights. ONE Championship's heavyweight division is at 226-265 lb. Pancrase's overweight division was 198.4–220.5 lb (90.0–100.0 kg) before being revised to its current 205–264.5 lb (93.0–120.0 kg).

The heavyweight upper weight limit, as defined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission[1] and the Association of Boxing Commissions[2] is 265 lb (120 kg).

Professional championsEdit

Current championsEdit

This table was last updated in January 2022.

Organization Reign Began Champion Record Defenses
UFC March 28, 2021   Francis Ngannou 16–3 (12KO 4SUB) 1
ONE Championship May 15, 2021   Arjan Bhullar 11–1 (4KO 0SUB) 0
Bellator MMA August 21, 2020   Ryan Bader 28-6 (12KO 3SUB) 0
ACA November 26, 2020   Tony Johnson 15–5–1 (8KO 1SUB) 2

Most wins in heavyweight title boutsEdit

Note: the list includes wins in bouts for heavyweight titles of major promotions (UFC, ONE, Pride, Strikeforce, WEC)
Note: the list includes both undisputed and interim champions
  Active title reign
Name Promotion Title bout wins
1.   Randy Couture UFC 6
  Stipe Miocic UFC
2.   Tim Sylvia UFC 5
3.   Cain Velasquez UFC 4
  Fedor Emelianenko Pride
4.   Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira UFC, Pride 3
  Andrei Arlovski UFC
  Brandon Vera ONE
  Brock Lesnar UFC
  Daniel Cormier UFC, Strikeforce
5.   Alistair Overeem Strikeforce 2
  Frank Mir UFC
  Fabricio Werdum UFC
  Kevin Randleman UFC
  Maurice Smith UFC
  Ron Waterman WEC
  James Irvin WEC
  Brian Olsen WEC

Most consecutive defenses of heavyweight titleEdit

Name Promotion Title defenses
1.   Fedor Emelianenko Pride 3
  Stipe Miocic* UFC
3.   Randy Couture UFC 2
  Tim Sylvia UFC
  Brandon Vera* ONE
  Brock Lesnar UFC
  Cain Velasquez UFC
7.   Alistair Overeem Strikeforce 1
  Daniel Cormier UFC
  Frank Mir UFC
  Fabricio Werdum UFC
  Kevin Randleman UFC
  Maurice Smith UFC
  Ron Waterman WEC
  James Irvin WEC
  Brian Olsen WEC
  • First title reign.

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