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Wang Sichao (王思潮; 1938 or 1939 – 17 June 2016) was a Chinese astronomer and scholar.[1]


At the time of his death, Sichao was working as a researcher at Nanjing's Zijinshan Astronomical Observatory.[1]

In an interview with Xinhuanet, Sichao commented on the International Astronomical Union's 2006 vote over Pluto's status as a planet:

The demotion is a scientific result and it reflects the current understanding of humankind about the solar system ... We must first get a clear definition of planets and the solar system, then we can carry out planetary probe missions in a better way.

— Wang Sichao, [1]

UFO statementEdit

On August 23, 2010 Sichao stated that he believed extraterrestrial aliens exist and that their UFOs have the ability to visit our earth. He also took exception to the recent view presented by British astronomer Stephen Hawking[2] that an encounter with between Earth's population and such aliens would be disastrous.

If they are friendly to us, we can promote the human beings' civilization through exchange and cooperation with them. If they are not, as long as we prepared for their invasion, we can beat them back based on their weaknesses. After all, they are life entities, they would show their slips.

— Wang Sichao, [3]

Sichao also provided some specific data from quantitative analysis of UFO observations. He informed that between the altitudes of 130 kilometers and 1,500 kilometers, UFOs have appeared many times. He stated that the observed UFOS could fly much slower than the "first cosmic velocity", and some as slow as 0.29 kilometers per second, and that they can fly at the altitude of 1,460 kilometers for more than 25 minutes. He concluded that these UFOs had anti-gravity abilities.[3]


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