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Zhao Cui (died 622 BCE), posthumously known as Zhao Chengzi (Chinese: 趙成子; Chengzi of Zhao), courtesy name Ziyu (子餘), was a dafu of Duke Wen of the Jin state during the Spring and Autumn period. He was the clan leader of Zhao between 636 and 622 BCE.

Zhao Cui
Traditional Chinese趙衰
Simplified Chinese赵衰

When Chong'er, later known as Duke Wen of Jin was in exile due to the Li Ji unrest, Zhao Cui had always followed Chong'er. In the state of Qin, they received the assistance of Duke Mu of Qin. [1]

After Duke Wen's death, he served Duke Xiang of Jin and participated in the battle of Pengya. Jin army defeated Qin army in this battle. [2]


Cui's brother was Zhao Su who served Duke Xian of Jin.[3] Zhao Cui married the daughter of Duke Wen of Jin.[4][5] Before the marriage with the Duke's daughter, Cui had married Shu Kui of Qianggaoru (a branch of the Red Di). He had four sons and named them Zhao Dun (son of Shu Kui), Zhao Tong, Zhao Kuo and Zhao Yingqi respectively. Zhao Dun succeeded Zhao Cui as the head of Zhao.[6]


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