Utmankhel (Pashto: اتمان‌خېل) a Pashtun tribe present in Pakistan, with substantial numbers in Afghanistan.[1] They lie between the Mohmands and the Ranizais of Swat, to the west and south-west of the junction of the Swat and Panjkora rivers. The Utmankhels mostly living in Malakand, Bajawar, Mohmand, Lower Dir, Mardan and Orakzai. The Utmankhel are Pashtuns, part of the Karlani tribal confederacy, who fought against British and Mughals emperors in Pakhtunkhwa.The British regarded the Utmankhel tribesmen as “warlike” peoples and one of the Martial Race.The Utmankhel are a tall, stout and fair race, but their dress and general customs have been assimilated by the neighbouring peoples of Bajuar. Utmankhels speak the same dialect of Pashtu called Peshawari/Northeastern Pashto.

اتمان خیل‎
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