Utility Stores Corporation

The Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan (USCP) (Urdu: ہیئتِ مخزنِ کفایت ، پاکستان) is a Pakistani state-owned enterprise that operates chain stores throughout the country that provide basic commodities to the general public at prices which are lower than the open market because the government subsidizes them.[1] It is the largest chain-store entity in the country with 5,939 locations.

Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan
TypeConsumer Goods
PredecessorStaff Welfare Organization Stores
Founded1971; 51 years ago (1971)
Number of locations
5,939 store outlets
Area served
  • 63 regions
  • 9 zones
Key people
Mr. Afzal Latif, Secretary for Industries & Production (Chairman, Board of Directors),
Products, Spices, dates, Tea and Beverages[1]
ServicesSupply the public consumer Items at lower prices than the open market
OwnerGovernment of Pakistan
Number of employees
ParentMinistry of Industries and Production

Utility Stores Corporation is governed by a board of directors and headed by a managing director.[2]

Quality assuranceEdit

Public business organizations or the public can ask courts in Pakistan to hold hearings if they have concerns about the quality of items being sold at the stores.[3]

Performance improvementEdit

In Khan Regime , Government of Pakistan announced the computerization of the utility stores across the country to improve their performance and efficiency. So far the stores were using old methods of recording inventory.[4]


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