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Awesome. Thanks. :) The Transliteratortalk 17:09, 6 January 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Mapping Unit (Aman) Edit

How is the mapping unit of the military intelligence directorate 'nonsense'? I don't really get it. Maybe it's not the best translation for יחידת המיפוי. But nonsense? -- Ynhockey (Talk) 17:38, 30 January 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Who said such a unit exists? And that it goes by that name? And what's it's number? Regarding the language, if such a unit had in fact exist it would have been called, indeed, יחידת המיפוי - the mapping unit. But the article said that it was (a) mapping unit, and claimed that in hebrew it was called the same - יחידה מיפוי. No way. Somebody just decided to write something up that he though made sense. Problem is that it didn't. The Transliteratortalk 00:40, 1 February 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Maybe the Hebrew Wikipedia is wrong, but in the Hebrew article, it clearly states that there's יחידת המיפוי, so I guess that's the name. No idea about the number. -- Ynhockey (Talk) 20:11, 1 February 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]
The article was deleted from the English Wikipedia. If it will come back in a good form ( = one that won't be deleted), it will deserver the link. There's no point in linking to an article that just got deleted since what was in it was unverifiable in any way. The Transliteratortalk 16:18, 2 February 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]