Welcome to my talk page! If you haven't been here before, please read the below paragraphs.

Are you here because I reverted your edit? If so, please read the below

One of the my common activities here is recent changes patrol, and you may have been directed here after I reverted one of your edits. In that case, first of all, click on all the links in the template I left on your user page, then take a deep breath, remember to avoid making it personal, and post here if you still think it necessary. If your request is a reasonable objection (I.e. I stuffed up, again, since I am not exactly perfect), I will typically self-revert (if the edit is still live), strike the warning template, and leave an apology note below it. If the edit cannot be reinstated in its current form, but can be made suitable, I will give some direction to policies, guidelines or help pages, suggest that you try to fix it yourself first (you will probably learn more this way than if I do it for you). If you still aren't sure how to fix it, then let me know and I will make the requested change.

Dealing with discussions which need to be put on hold for a bit

Discussion is very important on Wikipedia. However, sometimes, due to various reasons, discussion sometimes ends up on a course which will never become productive, or resolve any kind of dispute. If this happens here, I may request that you temporarily refain from posting further messages here (except required notices), per WP:NOBAN. The objective is to act as a metaphorical circuit breaker (before we have a metaphorical fire). It is nothing against you or your viewpoint, but simply me assessing that the discussion needs to be put on hold for a while, since its current trajectory isn't going anywhere good. If I ask you to stay off, please respect this. I don't take it lightly. I will also try to stay out of your way for the duration of the temporary pause.

If I am acting a bit odd-er

Should I ever go on some random vandalism spree or start acting much weirder than usual, don't waste time warning me here, just limit the damage and block me immediately, as my account would have been compromised.

Archiving and deleting

I tend to keep this page trimmed down a bit, and will usually archive finished discussions fairly quickly (usually in less than a week). I don't like to delete them entirely, unless it is mere vandalism or personal attacks with no real critical value. Personal attacks with critical value will be archived as usual. I also delete any sort of "awards" given by editors later found to be sockpuppets, or evading a block. The archives can be found at Archive 0 (an old version of my talkpage) and /Archive 1.

Stay safe and happy editing! Mako001 (C)  (T) 

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I can't afford a PB and J sandwich, so here's a toast sandwich for you!Edit

  Here you go! A toast sandwich, made using the last of my emergency funds! AmerikanKoloniser (talk) 06:04, 22 May 2022 (UTC)