It is something over ten years since i made my first, very tentative, steps into the Wikipedia world. Perhaps i should have something on my user page other than a small list of links i might find useful. This is a small effort at an introduction.

My name is LindsayH. Well, no it isn't, actually. That is the name of my account, the name i answer to here. In real life i answer to something other than that ~ Boss, sometimes, or Linda, or Leslie on occasion ~ like many, or most, or even all of us, i have multiple identities within myself.

What do i do? Here, i tend mostly to do small, corrective tasks which i run across as i'm reading. Well, that's not entirely true; i'll also often find a group of things to do while reading, then i'll sort of stick to that one task, often on a whole lot of articles, until either it is complete or i am bored. Currently, for example, i am correcting some CS1 errors in references, which i ran across while reading somewhere, when i wondered what the red error message was about. Over the years, i have also corrected many a typo, grammatical errors, errors of fact, and so on. I also occasional take a look at recent changes, to counter any vandalism occurring, and sometimes i'll browse new pages and check them.

One thing i don't do much of is content production. I have done; a little. Why not? After all, the very purpose of this place is the content, all else is secondary ~ as many comments and (in particular) opposes at RfA show, sometimes vituperatively ~ so perhaps i should. One reason i don't is that i know my limitations: I can write, i do write, quite a lot, but i write expressing opinion, and i don't choose to avoid that here. (You can see what i mean here, as i don't attempt to be NPOV in either of these two reviews.)

I have three secondary accounts, two of which are not really used. Kahtar is me; i use the account to make semi-automated edits, using both WikiCleaner and AWB. The second, Rhydypennau is an account i don't use; without taking the time to look, i should think it's three or four years since i made an edit with it; it was originally an attempt to separate certain subjects from LindsayH, but i realised that i was going to edit with both, if i neglected to log out of one or the other; now i leave it entirely alone, though if i ever need to edit from a public computer (especially if i were to have advanced tools) i may reactivate it. The last, Rhubarb Bikini, is unused; i used it a couple of times when it appeared i may have lost access to this account, but i was able to regain that access, so i don't anticipate any further edits from it.

Not a lot here, i know, but this is currently all i have to say; i daresay you'd find my talk page more interesting. Cheers.