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Utgard Loki

Joined 8 January 2007
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Not to be confused with Loki, Utgard Loki was just a decent dude who got ripped off. Don't ask me about my horse.

Warning: This user is a Frost Giant.

Warning: Frost Giant does not link to the actual frost giants, but this links to me.

Oh, yeah, I used to be no one, but now I'm nobody. At least that's what my girlfriend says, "You'd be cute, but you've got nobody."

Bragi says:Edit

I wrote the article on 40 Watt Club! I also explained the Christmas box. Now, gimme some money!

Did You Know? There are dozens and dozens of mid-major Athens bands with no article on Wikipedia? If dumb numetal viking folk is going to get an article per band, then there otter be one for Kevin Kinney, Drivin' and Cryin', The Windbreakers (ok, a Mississippi band), Sheer Thursday (the band), 86 (band), This Future, The Hampton Grease Band, Late Bronze Age (the band), Boat Of, Skeesicks, and all the others, etc. (Hey - if you feel the above bands needs an article about them in Wiki, jump on it - these articles do not write, edit, nor post themselves!)

Saint articles are easy. Desideratus and John of Egypt are examples of how one book and the ability to paraphrase and summarize can get an article in no time at all.

Bragi also says that I should tell everyone that I got The Concise Oxford Chronology of English Literature on sale at Barnes Ignoble and have been therefore doing the XXXX in literature articles. I started with 1692 in literature and I've been creeping forward ever since then. I started in 1692 because it's a nice round number.

Bragi says that I wrote Plotius Tucca. He was famous, but so was Ozymandius, once. I bet he never attended a Sellisternium, but neither did Bragi. I'm surprised by Cassian the ascetic, because he just seems to be "Cassian" in the ODCW. Speaking of minor poets and the like, I did Cornelius Severus: another guy who exists only in fragments from the Golden Age. Gaius Maecenas Melissus is another one like that. He started a new type of comedy that no one cared about. Oh, and I was browsing around, doing my random thing, when I saw references to the synod that condemned Wycliffe in 1382, and I knew it by a name, so I wrote Earthquake Synod. Oh, and the Perrhaebi do not interest anyone except Philip II and the red links. Axumis I did because I was bored, and it was the last entry of "A" in the OCD. I had no reason at all to write Hyspicrates (historian).

I also wrote a bold essay wp:no-no, per wp:MOS, WP:BOLD, WP:CIVIL, and WP:AGF, and Bragi don't like it.

What You Say?Edit

Mainly, I hit the Random Article thingie over there. If the result is something I can improve, I do. If the result is something that doesn't say anything, I slap a CSD A1 template on it. If it's about the Aesir, I put moustaches (or shave them) on all the pictures.