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If you were looking for the film and stage designer, with whom I have no connection, you want this article: Tony Walton.

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My name is Tony Walton, and I edit Wikipedia.


Things I have DecidedEdit

  1. "Never Edit Sober" is bnot a gooidea
  2. I need to discover Unicode, so I can say "☺" (☺) instead of ":-)" It's been pointed out to me that 'Alt+1" makes a ☺'. I'm told Windows works this way, but on this 'ere MacBook Alt+1 makes '¡". Unicode is more of a bugger to type but is platform-neutral.
  3. Use the Pipe trick at every conceivable opportunity, because it rocks.
  4. Tell everybody I know about the Pipe trick, including writing "" on the wall of the Gents' at the pub.
  5. Where another editor prefers to put his willy is a matter of supreme indifference to me regarding the quality of their contribution(s) to this encyclopædia. Same applies to what another editor prefers to do with her ladyparts.
  6. Spending time making an incredibly handsome userpage, replete with amazingly on-message and up-to-date userboxes, is probably not the best way to spend time improving the encyclopædia.

Things I am Proud OfEdit

I was a blood donor for many years, with 41 accredited donations. On 11th May 2012 I gave my first platelet donation. The UK Blood and Transplant Service prefers donors to give either whole blood or platelets, not both, so I guess I'm proud of ceasing to be a blood donor as of May 2012. Not really something to be proud of – sitting on my arse eating biscuits and drinking tea for a couple of hours – but if saving lives sitting on my arse eating biscuits is something to be proud of then yes, I'm proud. I gave 5 platelet donations (making 51 in total, platelet donations count double in the UK) then I had an MI. No connection but that's put paid to my platelet donations. Bugger.


I worked for Sun Microsystems until May 5, 2006, on which date they made me redundant after 11½ years. So if anyone has any job going for a Unix sysop and knowledge engineer in the UK (or possibly Germany), drop me an email... Ah well, worth a try.

I was nominated as an admin by Jimfbleak on 8 December, 2006. The nomination page is here.

I don't appear to be related to anyone famous, except possibly Kinmont Willie Armstrong but that's only what my mother has told me, and she tells lies.

In August 2012 I had a heart attack. This was treated by balloon angioplasty at York Hospital. Thanks to all involved with my treatment at that fine I know it's a {{peacock term}} but I'm biased institution, from ward cleaners to consultant cardiologists. As a result, this user is no longer able to love smoking. I'm not about to crusade against the evils of the weed, but it's not for me any more.

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  The Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar
In a busy world, it's easy to do just the minimum, but you go the extra mile. Thank you for taking the time to explain things to new users. It counts! --Minetruly (talk) 02:07, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

SOPA blackoutEdit

This thing was completely unnanounced, as far as I'm aware. However having read what it's about I support it 100%. The Internet should be free. Tonywalton Talk 00:59, 18 January 2012 (UTC)

How to contact meEdit