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This user is a bot
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OperatorThis, that and the other (talk)
AuthorThis, that and the other (talk)
Task(s)Mass deletion tagging
Edit rateApprox. 5-6 edits per minute
Edit period(s)As needed
Automatic or manual?Manually invoked
Programming language(s)JavaScript
Exclusion compliant?No
Source code published?Yes
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Block me, or yell at my operator

For urgent bot-related matters, please e-mail my operator.


This bot is currently approved to undertake one task:

  1. Mass tagging of templates being nominated for TFD and MFD
    • This bot account is used to run the masstag script, which applies a given tag en masse to a given set of pages. The approval extends solely to the following cases:
      • Tagging with the {{tfd}} tag for mass TFD nominations;
      • Tagging with the {{mfd}} tag for userboxes in the Template namespace which are involved in mass MFD nominations;
      • Removing the {{tfd}} or {{mfd}} tags on templates which are being kept after a TFD or MFD discussion;
      • Adding {{tfd end}} on the talk pages of templates which are being kept after a TFD discussion.
    • Hence, the bot will only edit in the Template and Template talk namespaces.
    • A function overview with more detail is available at the BRFA for this bot.
    • Considering a mass TFD, but turned off by the prospect of tagging? Help is at hand!
      If you are planning to make a mass deletion nomination, you can harness the functionality of this bot by asking at This, that and the other's talk page.