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How to use this template
See MFD How-to for full instructions.
Simplified directions
  1. Add {{mfd|1={{subst:FULLPAGENAME}}}} to the page you are nominating.
  2. After saving the page, follow the redlink (under 'this page's entry' which will appear on the subst'd template) and add {{subst:mfd2|pg=full page name, including prefix|text=your rationale for deletion}} to create a 'Miscellany for deletion sub-page'.
  3. Finally, go to Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion and subst {{subst:mfd3|pg=full page name}}.
Directions for multiple pages
  1. Add {{mfd}} to the other pages you are nominating
  2. After adding it, add a parameter with the name of the main mfd page used to discuss the other pages as well: {{mfd|<first page nominated>}}.
Inform interested parties
  • Use Template:MFDWarning to advise interested editors, who include the page creator and the user whose userspace the page might be in.