DescriptionCloses XfD discussions
  • 4.0.12 (main)
  • 4.0.12 (beta)
Updated4 May 2021
Browser supportMost browsers released since 2013, including Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Edge, Safari
Skin support
  • Vector
  • Monobook
  • Modern
  • Cologne Blue
  • Timeless
  • Minerva (mobile) – possible but not mobile-friendly
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XFDcloser (source) is a gadget to close XfD discussions at multiple venues. Feedback, including bug reports and feature suggestions, can be given on the talk page.


To install the gadget, visit Special:Preferences § Gadgets, scroll down to "Maintenance and administration", tick XFDcloser, and save the page.

If you previously installed the userscript version (or one of its redirects listed here), you should uninstall it:

Remove the line

importScript('User:Evad37/XFDcloser.js'); // [[User:Evad37/XFDcloser]]



from Special:MyPage/common.js (or skin-specific js such as vector.js, monobook.js, etc)

Note that the gadget is not available unless you are extended confirmed.


In addition to closing or relisting discussions, XFDcloser can undertake actions to implement a close:

  • Add old XfD templates to talk pages
    • Will collapse multiple banners into a single {{Old AfD multi}} banner
  • Remove nomination templates from nominated pages (when the pages are kept)
  • Replace nomination templates with merge template, add merge tag to target's talk page (AfD, MfD)
  • Delete nominated pages (when the result is delete)
    • Also delete the talk pages
  • List templates at the holding cell, in specified section (TfD)
    • Replace nomination template with {{Being deleted}}
    • or if "Ready for deletion", apply speedy deletion tags to the template (G6) and its talk page (G8)
  • Delete redirects
    • Also delete redirects' talk pages
  • Unlink backlinks (AfD, FfD)
  • Redirect, or delete and then redirect, nominated pages
    • Apply specified rcats
    • Unlink circular links from redirect target

When there is more than one page nominated, multiple results (i.e. "keep some, delete others") can be specified, with appropriate actions applied to each page.


XFDcloser adds closing/relisting links after the headings of each discussion, for the following XfD venues: AfD, CfD, FfD, MfD, RfD, TfD

Part of an XfD log page with the script installed


Click on the [close] link to bring up a dialogue box, where you can select various options, and type out a rationale.

Closing discussion dialogue box, which is drag-able and resize-able. The exact options available depend on the XfD venue, the selected result, and whether you are an administrator.

Multiple resultsEdit

To specify results individually for each page in a multiple-nomination XfD, choose the Multiple results... button.

Multiple results version of the dialogue box.


Clicking on the [quickClose] link brings up two links, qk and qD. These are shortcuts that bypass the form, to quickly close the discussion as keep or delete (respectively), with no further rationale, and with default options.

After clicking on [quickClose], the qk and qD links are revealed, along with an (x) to cancel


Click on the [relist] link to bring up a dialogue box, where you can optionally type out a rationale.

Relisting discussion dialogue box

Unlinking backlinksEdit

For AfD and FfD discussions, there is an option to unlink backlinks (including file usage). For links within list items, it is sometimes more appropriate to remove the list item rather than unlinking it, depending on the list's selection criteria. In such cases, the script will ask whether to keep the unlinked item, keep it and request a citation (add {{citation needed}}), or remove it:

Popup to review an unlinked list item

Hide/Show closed sectionsEdit

An option to hide or show already closed sections, making it easer to find unclosed sections. Appears in a small yellow box in the bottom-right corner of the screen. When you change states, this will be remembered (if localStorage usage is available/allowed by your browser)

Click the yellow box in the bottom-right corner of the screen to toggle hiding/showing of closed discussions

Discussion age detectionEdit

XFDcloser detects how long a discussion has been listed for, and if it has been relisted. Closers will be warned if it has been less than 7 full days since the discussion was listed, or since it was last relisted. This information is also, by default, displayed using background colours for the closing/relisting links:

  • Green if older than 7 days
  • Orange if less than 7 days since last relist
  • Red if less than 7 days since initial listing
  • Yellow if age could not be detected

These styles can be adjusted by editing your common.css (or skin-specific) CSS page, as the script applies the following classes to heading elements:

  • one of xfdc-old, xfdc-notOld, or xfdc-unknownAge,
  • and xfdc-relisted if the discussion has been relisted.

Here are some example code of alternative styles you can use:

Expand background colour to entire heading
.xfdc-old { background-color:#c6ffc6 }
.xfdc-notOld { background-color:#ffc6c6 }
.xfdc-unknownAge { background-color:#ffffc6 }
.xfdc-notOld.xfdc-relisted { background-color:#ffe9c6 }
Remove background colours
.xfdc-notOld .xfdc-action, 
.xfdc-old .xfdc-action,
.xfdc-unknownAge .xfdc-action,
.xfdc-relisted.xfdc-notOld .xfdc-action {
	background: inherit !important;
Add text descriptions after closing/relisting links
.xfdc-old .xfdc-status:after { content: "More than 7 days old"; color: #14866d; }
.xfdc-notOld .xfdc-status:after { content: "Less than 7 days old"; color: #b32424; }
.xfdc-notOld.xfdc-relisted .xfdc-status:after { content: "Less than 7 days since last relist"; color: #a05518; }
.xfdc-unknownAge .xfdc-status:after { content: "Unable to detect discussion age"; color: #fc3; }

.xfdc-status:after {
	font-size: 92%;
	margin-left: 13px;


  • Non-admin users will automatically have their closes marked with "(non-admin closure)".
  • Non-admins are not offered deletion options, except for TfD's which get listed at the TfD holding cell.
  • Entering the result "soft delete" will automatically add an explanation and request for undeletion link to the additional rationale box, using Wikipedia:XFDcloser/Soft deletion rationale.
  • For TfD: If the holding cell section "Ready for deletion" is selected, the template(s) will have {{db-xfd}} added instead of {{being deleted}}.

Licencing and attributionEdit

Originally published on the English Wikipedia at and available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC BY-SA 3.0) and GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)

This gadget incorporates code derived from, and is a direct replacement for, these scripts also written by Evad37:

Futhermore, it incorporates code copied/derived from:

See these pages' "History" pages for their authors. All of the these pages are also published on Wikipedia, and thus also available under the terms of the CC BY-SA 3.0 license and GFDL.

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