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I'm This, that and the other. You can call me TTO for short.

What do I do to benefit Wikipedia?

First and foremost, I don't write – I don't think I have ever started an article or written more than a few sentences of original copy. No, on the contrary, I do maintenance: formatting, copyediting, cleaning up, creating redirects, making disambiguation pages, inserting navboxes, deleting old junk, commenting and nominating at WP:XFD, sometimes patrolling new pages, fixing user scripts ... the list goes on.

I can write if I really have to. But the right topic, article, and time just haven't come up yet.

For several years I was one of the more active maintainers of the popular anti-vandalism tool Twinkle, and I also wrote the Commons migration tool For the Common Good. (I am atlight on GitHub.)

If you don't like what I've done, please say so on my talk page.

What do I do to benefit Wikipedia? (2007 version)

Here's the old version of this section (which still holds true):

Other stuff

Read my talk page for all the drama.

I have created lots of user subpages over the years, and even some user talk ones.

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