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     Account History & Alternate Accounts
I have been a Wikipedia editor on and off again for around fifteen years. During this time, I've had three main accounts, an approved bot, and two mobile editing alternate accounts. They are listed below.

Account history

Nezzadar: I created my first account in June 2006, made a few edits that month, then was inactive for three years. I picked up editing again between September and November 2009, where I dabbled in vandalism fighting, Featured Pictures, and wrote exactly one article. I stopped editing at the end of November. I have virtually no memories from my time with that account.

Sven Manguard: I got back involved with Wikipedia about a year later. By that time I was no longer using Nezzadar as an alias, so rather than attempt to track down the password, I created a new account. I was active from September 2010 through July 2014, during which time I created and improved a number of articles, became an expert on the file namespace and fair use, was a regular at Boston meetups, spoke on a panel at Wikimania 2012, and was an admin on Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. In 2012 I had an unsuccessful RfA on this project. In 2014 I started drifting towards other interests and eventually became inactive.

The Squirrel Conspiracy: I created this account in September 2015 and was active for about four months. I came back briefly in August 2018, and then came back again at the end of 2019.

Alternate accounts

  • Svenbot: This was a bot account with approved tasks on English Wikipedia and Wikidata. (Inactive)
  • This is also Sven Manguard: I formerly used this account on public computers and with tools that stored passwords (AWB and FTCG). (Inactive)
  • Mobile Squirrel Conspiracy: I currently use this account when I am editing from my phone.
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