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"Tutti i òmmi nascian in libertæ e son pægi in dignitæ e driti. Son dotæ de raxon e de consciensa e an da fâ l'un con l'atro in piña fraternitæ."

(Universal Human Rights Declaration, art. 1)

Quote in Ligurian Slang Dialect

Today, Saturday 21 May 2022, en.wiki count 6,501,713 elements, It's 13:40.

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I discovered Wikipedia since 2008, when I got my first PC from home, in the things I get there slowly, but when I get is a volcano, I helped immediately on Wiki Italian version created after also researched in libraries outside town, my neighborhood page in 1796 was also a free town apart. In life I have different interests, but the main one is the knowledge, culture, writing, only after the music and the sport that i am amateurs or sometimes an agonist and I still like playing this to nearly 47 years.

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I'm most active on the Italian Wikipedia, if you want to contact me quickly, please leave messages there.

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