I mostly work on articles about biochemistry, biophysics, and related topics. I am also interested in STEM education and in issues surrounding diversity in science.

I started out on Wikipedia sometime in 2005 with occasional anonymous typo-fixes and such, motivated by nothing more than "an open-source encyclopedia, that's cool". I actually registered in May 2006, became an admin the following November, and then drifted away in spring 2007, partly due to the Essjay controversy and mostly due to real life (OMG, that's a blue link). I returned in January 2015 and had a second RfA in April, which I think we decided was the first successful re-RfA after desysopping for lengthy inactivity. I was elected to a two-year term on the Arbitration Committee for 2016-17 and re-elected for 2018-19.


Other species of OpabiniaEdit