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Time to take the dog for a walk!

There are times when you become too emotionally invested in a situation on-wiki to be able to engage constructively with the community, and discussions degenerate into hurtful recriminations and blaming. When this happens, it's time to pick up the dog's leash and take him for a walk. Hopefully, you can clear your head and restore your sense of balance.

If you do not have a dog, attempt to borrow a neighbor's dog, and walk theirs instead.

If your neighbor does not own a dog, take a short trip to the local pet store or animal shelter. This may still clear your head, while having the added advantage of not having to clean up after the dog. If the nearest store doesn't have dogs or kittens to visit, they will probably have some very soothing fish tanks to watch. But please don't buy a dog from a pet store, because it may be a puppy mill. And lest you be tempted to look for your nearest "reputable" breeder, there are lots of problems with pedigree dogs too. If you want to bring a dog home, then get a rescue dog, preferably a nice mutt, instead.

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