"I´m just a Simple Man, Trying to make his own path in this Universe"
-Jango Fett

Hello, my name is Carlos Andrés. I grew up in Lima, but I moved to Miami, Florida in 2002. After living in the States for almost 9 years, I decided to come back and once again I'm back in my country. I'm an Alumni from both Miami Dade College and Florida International University.

I'm interested in a wide range of topics. History and politics are by far the most interesting to me.

I have also traveled and lived in the following countries:Edit

Around the WorldEdit

  •   United States
  •   Venezuela
  •   Colombia
  •   Ecuador
  •   Costa Rica
  •   Japan

Planned to visitEdit

  •   Portugal
  •   Nicaragua
  •   Russian Federation

I have also helped in the development of these articles:Edit

History and Politics of Peru

Articles in which I was actively involvedEdit

History and Politics of Afghanistan

  • KHAD and topics related to it.

History and Politics of Iraq

I am a member of the following Wikiproyects:Edit

Current Peru Collaboration Effort
The current collaboration is:

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, was the President of Peru and the leader of the Peruanos For el Kambio faction. Being a product of the United States in terms of education and work, Kuczynski ran unsuccessfully in 2011 for the presidency, but later vectored in the 2016 general election in Peru over Keiko Fujimori, daughter of the political patriarch of Fujimorism, Alberto Fujimori. Kuczynski's term began in 2016 and ended in March of 2018 with a corruption scandal that involved Brazilian infrastructure company Odebrecht. He promptly resigned and his Vice president Martin Vizcarra would succeeded him to be the President of Peru.

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