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Welcome my userpage, where you can find information about me. This is not an encyclopaedia article.
If you want to contact me, please visit my talkpage. You can also e-mail me if it's urgent or sensitive.
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Hi, my name is Lear's Fool, and I'm from Adelaide, Australia.

I registered this account way back in 2006, when I first discovered Wikipedia. After discovering that having an account made no difference to the casual reader, I abandoned it. Some time in 2009, I noticed advertisements for the "Wikipedia Beta", which would eventually become the Vector Skin. I was sufficiently interested to recover my old account and try out the skin. In July 2009, I decided to fix a broken redirect, and since then I became steadily more involved.

Most of what I do here relates to maintenance tasks: I do some vandal fighting, new page patrolling, and work on unreferenced biographies of living people (BLPs). I became an administrator in January 2011, and help out with some administrative tasks like closing deletion discussions and reviewing candidates for speedy deletion. I am always keen to provide assistance where I can, so feel free to ask for my help.

I have two alternate accounts:

I have an account at the WikiMedia Commons (see my userpage there), and may occasionally edit from the same IP address as TurquoiseThreads.

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