Category:Candidates for speedy deletion as importance or significance not asserted

This category (a subcategory of CAT:CSD) tracks pages that have been nominated for speedy deletion under CSD A7 or CSD A9, as respectively, articles on real persons, individual animal(s), organizations, web content or organized events which do not assert the importance or significance of their subject (A7), or articles on musical recordings where none of the contributing recording artists have an article and it does not indicate why its subject is important or significant (A9). It does not apply to products other than musical recordings... To list pages in this category, tag them with the templates {{db-a7}} or {{db-a9}}. If there is any doubt about the suitability of a page for speedy deletion, consider sending it to XfD instead.

Pages in category "Candidates for speedy deletion as importance or significance not asserted"

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