Category:Candidates for speedy deletion as attack pages

This category (a subcategory of CAT:CSD) tracks pages that have been nominated for speedy deletion under CSD G10, as an attack page – a page that disparages, threatens, intimidates or harasses its subject or some other entity, and serve no other purpose. To list pages in this category, tag them with the template {{db-g10}}. If there is any doubt about the suitability of a page for speedy deletion, consider sending it to XfD instead. You can warn attack page creators using {{uw-attack}}. When deleting attack pages, it is important that you don't quote any of the content in your deletion summary.

Pages with attack titles: If you think these titles need redaction, please also check the patrol log, since the page may have been patrolled. Please also note that the author may have been given a warning about this page which they may have removed; and that there may be other incoming links (such as the tagger's own CSD tagging log).

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