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   Lincoln on Official Postage,
1893 issue

-- Just your average history buff here. Since the beginning when its pages began showing up in search results I have been an avid reader of the history pages found here at Wikipedia and in the Public Domain, and greatly appreciated, as most of the history pages here have been years in the making, forged with the scrutiny of peer review, with great time, research and human effort being contributed to the many pages of knowledge that have culminated here at this point in our history, as it once did also at the Ancient Library of Alexandria. Wikipedia, at this late date, is the richest source of information, new and old, in the entire world.

Early American and British Naval History, Postal History and History in general are my interests and sailing ships and rare and vintage postage stamps are my love. An interest in history was part of what brought me into the world of Philately (finding a box filled with old stamped letters and postcards in our attic when I was a young man helped a bit also). I sometimes will link a given historical page with the corresponding stamp image or philatelic page, providing a topical and literary cross reference and do so with the hopes that the two areas of interest will serve to enhance the other. Humbly we go forth.

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General Editing ActivityEdit

Most of my writing and editing has been in early American history, and in the related naval history and postal history areas. When not involved in that capacity I spend time providing citations and creating bibliographies for various history pages that need them, often adding other sources in further reading. After years of 'hunting and gathering' for sources in early American, British and related naval history I have sorted them out by subject and time period and created the Bibliography of early American naval history, and its sister page, the Bibliography of 18th-19th century Royal Naval history, and have also rewritten and greatly expanded the Bibliography of George Washington, Bibliography of Thomas Jefferson and the Bibliography of Ulysses S. Grant, hoping they will serve to encourage interest in readers and help fellow editors build articles with well cited writing.

History commemorated on Postage stamps

~ Founding of Jamestown ~
300th anniversary Issue of 1907

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Articles created and built to near completion :
Article Created
US space exploration history on US stamps May 19, 2010   DYK
U.S. presidents on U.S. postage stamps June 14, 2010
Clair Aubrey Houston July 10, 2010
William Goddard (U.S. patriot/publisher) August 4, 2010
Pennsylvania Chronicle (Colonial newspaper) October 19, 2010
London Penny Post November 7, 2010
Washington-Franklin Issues December 27, 2010
US Regular Issues of 1922-1931 March 18, 2011
USS Concord (1828) October 16, 2011
List of ships captured in the 19th century October 30, 2011
Blockade runners of the American Civil War April 29, 2012
SS Syren May 17, 2012
USS Firefly (1814) August 31, 2012
Bibliography of early American naval history September 25, 2012
Bibliography of 18th-19th century Royal Naval history October 12, 2012
Edmund Bacon (1785–1866) March 13, 2013
USS Ferret (1822) May 27, 2013 DYK
USS Wild Cat (1822) June 4, 2013
Louis N. Stodder July 17, 2013 DYK
Charles R. Chickering (artist) September 30, 2013 DYK
John L. Gardner (brigadier general) October 11, 2013
Frank Maloy Anderson January 13, 2014
U.S. Parcel Post stamps of 1912-13 May 19, 2014 DYK
Stephen Simpson (writer) September 18, 2014 DYK
Military Peace Establishment Act March 19, 2016
Howard Henry Peckham April 7, 19, 2016 DYK
Dearborn-Putnam controversy April 28, 2016 DYK
John Fellows (brigadier general) April 30, 2016
Andrew McClary May 9, 2016 DYK
John Clement Fitzpatrick July 6, 2016 DYK
Jesse Root Grant February 12, 2017 DYK
William R. Rowley May 21, 2017 DYK
Douglas Putnam June 2, 2017 DYK
Edward H. Phelps June 7, 2017 DYK
Historical reputation of Ulysses S. Grant  (coauthored at creation) June 30, 2017 DYK
World tour of Ulysses S. Grant  (coauthored) October 22, 2017 DYK
William Wright Abbot September 13, 2018 DYK
James Abercrombie (Episcopal priest) September 21, 2018 DYK
List of George Washington articles November 2, 2018
David Cooper (abolitionist) May 29, 2019 DYK
Charles Henry Ambler July 24, 2019 DYK
Thomas Perkins Abernethy July 27, 2019 DYK
Thomas M. Owen July 28, 2019 DYK
Donald Dean Jackson August 8, 2019 DYK
Joseph LaBarge August 10, 2019 DYK
Joseph Marie LaBarge, Senior August 24, 2019 DYK
Spread Eagle (steamboat) August 31, 2019 DYK
Emilie (steamboat) September 14, 2019
Walk-in-the-water (steamboat) October 1, 2019 DYK
Ontario (steamboat) October 16, 2019
Independence (steamboat) October 26, 2019