USS Wild Cat (1822)

USS Wildcat was a two masted schooner of 48 tons[2] and was part of a U.S. naval fleet, and part of the West Indies Squadron, that sailed to the Caribbean to subdue the occurrence of pirate raids on merchant ships that had increased to almost 3,000 by the early 1820s. She was armed with three guns and had a crew of 31.[1] Wildcat was commanded by Lieutenant Legare' who sailed her to Washington with a dispatch regarding the disposition of the squadron and other matters concerning the war against piracy in the Caribbean.[3] On 28 October 1824 Wildcat was lost in a gale with all hands while sailing between Cuba and Thompson's Island, West Indies. Approximately 31 drowned.[4][5][6]

US Naval Jack 24 stars.svgUnited States
NameUSS Wild Cat (1822)
Laid downdate unknown
  • was lost in a gale with all hands,
  • 28 October 1824
General characteristics
Tonnage48 [2]
Sail planSchooner
Complement31 [1]
Armament3 guns [1]
Map of early 1800s West Indies

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