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Current locationAustralia, Japan, USA, Kythera
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
EthnicityGreek, Scott
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OccupationClinical Supervisor and Educator (Psychology & Counseling), Translator & Interpreter, Psychometrician, especially scale design using SEQ methods. Research consultant.
EmployerOn call
UniversityNanzan University, Griffith University, ACU, Ohio University
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Hobbies3rd Dan Musojikiden Eishinryu Iaido (Fukui Dojo)
Politicsno thanks
AliasesDr. J, The1stDwarf
MoviesDocumentary film production (see IMDBPro)
BooksAuthor of several test book chapters.

Painting, Mixed media, Documentary film interview techniques

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This user is a translator and proofreader from Japanese to English on Wikipedia:Translation.

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Short introduction on who I amEdit

Hi there, You have probably come hear to find out a little more about me, or if I can help you with something. I enjoy helping people on Wikipedia so please tell me what you need on my talk page. On top of the infobox on this page, I post a short description of how active I currently am on Wikipedia.

I'm a university academic, clinical educator and supervisor, author, and bidirectional Japanese-English translator and interpreter. I completed my university study in Japan, Australia, and the USA. I love those places and if I could live in all of them at the same time I would, but I can settle for frequently travelling between them. I participate in WikiProject Japan and like to contribute by writing new articles and translating content between existing articles. I've been a professional translator and interpreter (medical, legal, technical) for 30 years and a mental health clinician, educator and researcher for 18 years. I like to use my professional experience to contribute to Wikipedia.

I've been editing on Wikipedia since 2006 with the account Jdcounselling, and since 2015 with my current account. You can find more information about me at User:Jdcounselling, that you won't find here. If you would like help with something related to Japan, psychology, epidemiology, or higher education please talk to me. You can see how available I am by looking at the status displayed on top of my user box. I will consider requests for translations. You can also check loot to Wikipedia:Translators available for other people working across languages.

If you think you can help out the contributors at WikiProject Japan please do. I have had a very positive experience with the other people there and in Wikipedia in general. I'm still learning about Wikipedia but I've found that the more put into Wikipedia the more you get out of Wikipedia. If you're new and having a hard time be patient with the help other folk might send your way. Their guidance is important and your learning is valuable.

I must mention that I even have family on Wikipedia. I am a distant relative of Lafcadio Hearn and George Miller. We are related through our family on the island of Kythera.

Currently working onEdit

Bidirectional Japanese English translations from WikiProject Japan WP:JP, WikiProject Medicine and the WP:MED Translation Task Force.

Useful translation related toolsEdit

There are some tools useful for locating pages that are in one language but not in English, with some parameters for finding related pages, and how prevalent an article is across other language Wikipedias:

Travels and lifeEdit

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Idea and layout stolen from Petri Krohn via Errabee via Sebastiankessel via White Cat via Guettarda via Ëzhiki via Bamse

Clinical Professional Association ArticlesEdit

Dates indicate the time I commenced expanding or created the article

# Article Date Class Languages Importance
1 Japan Medical Association 2017-04-22   B  ja,en  Mid 
2 Japan Pharmaceutical Association 2017‎-04-24   C  ja,en  Mid 
3 Japan Medical Association Journal 2017-04-26   Start  ja,en  Mid 
4 Japan Dental Association 2017-04-26   stub  ja  ??? 
5 Nihon Ishi Gakkai 2017--05-01   stub  ja  ??? 
6 Japanese Association of Medical Sciencesnote 2019-12–1   stub  ja, en  High 

Note related to article 6 mentioned above. From article number six potentially acts as a kind of “codex” to improve by expanding, translating, mapping, reviewing for scholarly rigour, translate, and where appropriate merge the medical specialisations, considered peak body within their discipline, endorsed and administered by the Japan Medical Association. This would sufficiently cover the entire Japanese medical profession and the specialisations directly organised by the most noteworthy medical associations under the JMA. A formidable source for clinicians looking to collaborate internationally. Other benefits would become evident during the progress on this work. There are some 40 articles requiring attention.

Wikipedia Did you know ? articlesEdit

Japan related articlesEdit

Dates indicate the time I commenced expanding or created the article

# Article Date Class Languages Importance Activity
1 Tokugawa Art Museum 2017-05-3   stub  ja,en  Mid 
2 Imperial Crown style 2017-05-01   B  ja,en  Top  Completed translation & content contributon
3 Mikishi Abe 2017-04--07   stub  ja,en  Low 
4 Giyōfū architecture   stub  ja,en  Top 
5 Okada Shinichirō 2017-14-07   stub  ja,en  ??? 
6 Shimoda Kikutaro 2017-07-25   start  ja,en  Mid  translation, content contribution
7 Japanese Western Eclectic Architecture 2017-08-06   start  ja,en  Mid  created, translation, new content

To do listEdit

1. Edo period police
2. Kumazawa Hiromichi needs only some improvement to meet B-class criteria. Refer to ja Wikipedia article.
3. Kurihama, Yokosuka Is an important locality both historically (landing site of Perry's ships) and presently. Stub can be expanded with translation from Japanese wiki
4. Kumiko Haba article does not meet WP:ACADEMIC notability?
5. Co-op Kobe is a stub. The largest co-op in the world founded by Toyohiko Kagawa
6. Tandai inaccuracies need to be corrected on this article. Moderate work.
 Y7. Mielparque Tokyo after discussion added infobox and translation
 Y8. WP:JAPAN articles needing infoboxes initial count 260: currently 190
9. Shunsuke Matsumoto have added infobox. A little more translation work will greatly improve article.
10. Japan Art Academy translation needed.


When the machine behind Google Translate can't sleep, does it count hydraulic rams and dream of wet sheep?
Professional writing done with an attitude of importance over preciousness leads to one getting a life and keeping it...
Family is the most important group you will ever be apart of.

Articles created under Jdcounselling accountEdit

# Article Date Class
1 Yunker 2006‎-12-14   ??? 

Quicklinks to useful templatesEdit

Template:infobox organization

List of medical associations

How to get a list of a page's subpages

Subpages are pages that have a parent page. They share their parent page's title, followed by a "/" (slash), followed by their own name. The Wikipedia, Portal, and User namespaces allow subpages. WikiProjects, user pages and Portals often have subpages. Below are two options to obtain a list of subpages for a particular page.

* Option 1: In the left toolbar, under tools, select Page Information and an information page is shown. In the first table, there is a link for Subpages of this page.

* Option 2: Click on Special pages in the toolbox menu on the left side of your screen. Then click on All pages with prefix which is under the header Lists of pages. Then select the namespace the page is in (from the pulldown menu), and enter the pagename in the inbox, and add a forward slash (/) to the end of the pagename. So if the pagename is "Wikipedia", then you should enter Wikipedia/ in the inbox. Then press the Show button. The subpages are displayed at the bottom. If nothing happens after pressing "Show", this means the page has no subpages.

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