Hey, my real name is Jeffrey Phillips Freeman. I am a Business man (www.syncleus.com), a Scientist (Computer Engineer Specializing in Artificial Intelligence) and a consultant for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), specifically FEMA. I am also the President and CTO of Syncleus, Inc. ( http://www.syncleus.com ) a technology and software development firm.

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E-mail: freemo@gmail.com
Website: http://JeffreyFreeman.me


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Personal opinions or debates not relating to articles are typically discouraged in wikipedia, even on talk pages (check out WP:SOAP). However I find it healthy and conducive to the purpose of wikipedia to have a forum for these debates so we can explore the topics and perhaps ultimately arrive at some useful information we can research and include in various articles. Therefore I set up some talk pages in my user space for this purpose. I encourage everyone to chime in, give your opinion, rants, whatever youd like. Just make sure you are polite and respectful to others. Thanks. If youd like to discuss a topic that isn't listed, please, feel free to add it and begin the conversation.


This is where I will be listing all the article (re)writes im currently working on, or have already published to the site.


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