Hello there, I'm BDD. My earliest edits were in late 2004, but I didn't become very active until 2012. In April 2013, I was fortunate enough to become an administrator, and much of my time since then has been spent on administrative tasks. I used to think the metaphor of the mop was a joke. Yeah, it's not. I really do enjoy being an admin though. Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can help you out.

While there are a few other sites out there where I've used this handle, I'm pretty sure there are some other BDDs out there that aren't me, and I also don't think I've created an account under the name for several years now. My name is unrelated to anything listed on this dab page.

The above tag was added by FloridaArmy, and I'm leaving it for now because it gave me a chuckle. (I had updated both statements via footnote.) I will probably be overhauling this page at some point soonish anyway.

My favorite one-sentence article is Hindoo,[1] and my favorite article that doesn't exist is Esperanto people.[2]

Selected worksEdit

Partial selection of pages created, resurrected, or significantly expanded in their infancy; * indicates a DYK article

Also, I apparently created the Chimichanga article on the Spanish Wikipedia, though I don't recall doing so, nor was it a very impressive contribution.

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  1. ^ Sadly converted to a redirect after AfD, but through the magic of page history, you can still see that one-sentence article in all its glory. I'm really not joking—I thought it was fantastic.
  2. ^ Created as a redirect in 2020, though not sadly.