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Hello, my name is Arlen and I live in the Eastern USA.


Seven DispensationsEdit

The messages to the seven churches, while being for actual churches, can also be applied to seven distinct ages of the Church.

  1. Ephesus - The strong church
    • Had patiently borne adversity, and could not stand evil.
    • They had left their first love. God appealed to them to remember from where they had fallen.
  2. Smyrna - The poor, rich church.
    • This church would face persecution.
    • God had nothing against them.
  3. Pergamos - The faltering church
    • Had not denied God.
    • Had allowed false prophets into the church.
  4. Thyatira - The apostate church
    • Had many good works.
    • Had allowed the false prophetess Jezebel to come in.
  5. Sardis - The dying church
    • Asked to repent and watch.
  6. Philadelphia - The weak church
    • God promised to keep them from the hour of temptation.
    • The synagogue of satan, who claimed to be jews, would know that God was with them.
  7. Laodocia - The lukewarm church
    • This church thought they were fine.
    • God asked them to buy gold from him, so they would be rich.