United States at the 2013 World Championships in Athletics

The United States of America will compete at the 2013 World Championships in Athletics from August 10 to August 18 in Moscow, Russia. The membership of the team was selected at the 2013 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. However, membership on the team was subject to the athlete achieving a qualification standard. In addition, champions from the previous World Championships and the 2012 IAAF Diamond League receive an automatic bye. An automatic entry is also available to an Area Champion,[1] the IAAF definition of an Area essentially being the specified continental areas of the world. The United States is part of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association, which has not held a championship apparently since its inaugural championship in 2007. The deadline for entries was July 20. The final team membership as submitted to the IAAF was announced on July 29, 2013.[2]

United States at the
2013 World Championships in Athletics
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in Moscow
World Championships in Athletics appearances (overview)


The following American competitors won medals at the Championships

Medal Name Event Date
  Gold Brittney Reese Long jump 11 August
  Gold Ashton Eaton Decathlon 11 August
  Gold David Oliver 110 metres hurdles 12 August
  Silver Justin Gatlin 100 metres 11 August
  Silver Ryan Wilson 110 metres hurdles 12 August
  Bronze Carmelita Jeter 100 metres 12 August

Team selectionEdit

The team was led by reigning World Champions Jason Richardson (110m hurdles), Christian Taylor (triple jump), Dwight Phillips (long jump), Jesse Williams (high jump), and Trey Hardee (decathlon) on the men's team, and Carmelita Jeter (100m), Jennifer Simpson (1500m), Lashinda Demus (400m hurdles), and Brittney Reese (long jump) on the women's team.

2012 Diamond League champions Charonda Williams (200m), Dawn Harper (100m hurdles), Chaunte Lowe (high jump) and Reese Hoffa (shot put) were also automatic qualifiers to the team. World record holder Aries Merritt was also a Diamond League champion in 2012, but a country is only allowed one bye into the championships. The bye into the 110m hurdles was already taken by Jason Richardson, so Merritt had to qualify by placing in the championships.

Team membersEdit


Athlete Event Preliminaries Heats Semifinals Final
Rank Time
Rank Time
Rank Time
Justin Gatlin 100 metres 9.99 2 Q 9.94 5 Q 9.85  
Mike Rodgers 100 metres 9.98 1 Q 9.93 4 Q 10.04 6
Charles Silmon 100 metres 10.34 35 Did not advance
Curtis Mitchell 200 metres 20.04  
Wallace Spearmon, Jr. 200 metres
Isiah Young 200 metres
LaShawn Merritt 400 metres 43.74  
Tony McQuay 400 metres 44.40  
Arman Hall 400 metres
Nicholas Symmonds 800 metres 1:46.90 18 Q 1:45.00 9 Q 1:43.55  
Duane Solomon 800 metres 1:45.80 4 Q 1:43.87 1 Q 1:44.42 6
Brandon Johnson 800 metres 1:46.32 10Q 1:44.89 7 Did not advance
Matthew Centrowitz, Jr. 1500 metres 3:36.78  
Leonel Manzano 1500 metres
Lopez Lomong 1500 metres
Bernard Lagat 5000 metres
Galen Rupp 5000 metres
Ryan Hill 5000 metres
Galen Rupp 10,000 metres 27:24.39 4
Dathan Ritzenhein 10,000 metres 27:37.90 10
Daniel Tapia Marathon
Jeffrey Eggleston Marathon
Carlos Trujillo Marathon
Jason Richardson 110 m hurdles 13.33 Q 13.34 Q 13.27 4
David Oliver 110 m hurdles 13.05 Q 13.18 Q 13.00  
Aries Merritt 110 m hurdles 13.32 Q 13.44 Q 13.31 6
Ryan Wilson 110 m hurdles 13.37 Q 13.20 Q 13.13  
Bershawn Jackson 400 m hurdles
Michael Tinsley 400 m hurdles 47.70  
Kerron Clement 400 m hurdles
Daniel Huling 3000 metres steeplechase
Evan Jager 3000 metres steeplechase
De'Sean Turner 3000 metres steeplechase
Charles Silmon
Justin Gatlin
Mike Rodgers
Rakieem "Mookie" Salaam
Dentarius Locke
Jeff Demps
4 x 100 metres relay 37.66  
David Verburg
Arman Hall
Tony McQuay
LaShawn Merritt
Josh Mance
James Harris
4 x 400 metres relay 2:58.71  
Tim Seaman 20 kilometres walk
Dwight Phillips Long jump
George Kitchens Jr. Long jump
Marquis Dendy[3] Long jump
Christian Taylor Triple jump
William Claye Triple jump
Omar Craddock Triple jump
Jesse Williams High jump
Erik Kynard High jump
Dustin Jonas High jump
Keith Moffatt High jump
Jeremy Scott Pole vault
Brad Walker Pole vault
Jack Whitt Pole vault
Reese Hoffa Shot put
Ryan Whiting Shot put
Zack Lloyd Shot put
Cory Martin Shot put
Lance Brooks Discus throw
A.G. Kruger Hammer throw
Riley Dolezal Javelin throw
Sam Humphreys Javelin throw



Athlete Event Preliminaries Heats Semifinals Final
Rank Time
Rank Time
Rank Time
Carmelita Jeter 100 metres
English Gardner 100 metres
Octavious Freeman 100 metres
Alexandria Anderson 100 metres
Charonda Williams 200 metres
Allyson Felix 200 metres
Kimberlyn Duncan 200 metres
Jeneba Tarmoh 200 metres
Natasha Hastings 400 metres
Francena McCorory 400 metres
Ashley Spencer 400 metres
Alysia Montaño 800 metres
Brenda Martinez 800 metres
Ajeé Wilson 800 metres
Jennifer Simpson 1500 metres
Treniere Moser 1500 metres
Mary Cain 1500 metres
Cory McGee 1500 metres
Shannon Rowbury 5000 metres
Kim Conley 5000 metres
Molly Huddle 5000 metres
Shalane Flanagan 10,000 metres
Jordan Hasay 10,000 metres
Amy Hastings 10,000 metres
Tera Moody Marathon
Dot McMahon Marathon
Jeannette Faber Marathon
Deena Kastor Marathon
Brianna Rollins 100 m hurdles
Dawn Harper 100 m hurdles
Queen Harrison 100 m hurdles
Nia Ali 100 m hurdles
Lashinda Demus 400 m hurdles
Dalilah Muhammad 400 m hurdles
Georganne Moline 400 m hurdles
Christine Spence 400 m hurdles
Nicole Bush 3000 metres steeplechase
Ashley Higginson 3000 metres steeplechase
Shalaya Kipp 3000 metres steeplechase
English Gardner
Octavious Freeman
Alexandria Anderson
Jeneba Tarmoh
Barbara Pierre
Aurieyall Scott
4 x 100 metres relay
Ashley Spencer
Joanna Atkins
Jessica Beard
Francena McCorory
Natasha Hastings
Rebecca Alexander
4 x 400 metres relay
Maria Michta 20 kilometres walk
Erin Gray 20 kilometres walk
Miranda Melville 20 kilometres walk
Brittney Reese Long jump 6.57 12 q 7.01  
Janay DeLoach-Soukup Long jump 6.58 11 q 6.44 11
Funmi Jimoh Long jump 6.57 13 Did not advance
Tori Polk Long jump 6.75 3 Q 6.73 8
Chaunte Lowe High jump
Brigetta Barrett High jump
Inika McPherson High jump
Jennifer Suhr Pole vault
Kylie Hutson Pole vault
Becky Holliday Pole vault
Tia Brooks Shot put
Michelle Carter Shot put
Alyssa Hasslen Shot put
Elizabeth Podomonick Discus throw
Whitney Ashley Discus throw
Gia Lewis-Smallwood Discus throw
Amanda Bingson Hammer throw
Amber Campbell Hammer throw
Jeneva McCall Hammer throw
Brittany Borman Javelin throw
Kara Patterson Javelin throw


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  3. ^ Note: 5th place Dendy achieved an A standard at the NCAA Indoor Championships, none of the other long jumpers have allowing for his selection

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