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UTC−08: Blue (January), Orange (July), Yellow (all year round), Light Blue - Sea areas
Time in Mexico
Winter Summer (DST) Mexican time zone North American equivalent
UTC−05:00 Zona Sureste Eastern Time
UTC−06:00 UTC−05:00 Zona Centro Central Time
UTC−07:00 UTC−06:00 Zona Pacífico Mountain Time
UTC−07:00 Zona Pacífico Mountain Time
UTC−08:00 UTC−07:00 Zona Noroeste Pacific Time

UTC−08:00 is an identifier for a time offset from UTC of −08. This time is used in:


As standard time (Northern Hemisphere winter)Edit

North AmericaEdit

As daylight saving time (Northern Hemisphere summer)Edit

North AmericaEdit

As standard time (all year round)Edit

North AmericaEdit


Large cities in this time zone are Los Angeles and Vancouver.