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U.S. Highway 71 (US 71) is a U.S. highway that runs from Krotz Springs, LA to the Fort Frances–International Falls International Bridge at the Canadian border. In Arkansas, the highway runs from the Louisiana state line near Doddridge to the Missouri state line near Bella Vista. In Texarkana, the highway runs along State Line Avenue with US 59 and partially runs in Texas (northbound traffic is in Arkansas and southbound in Texas). Other areas served by the highway include Fort Smith and Northwest Arkansas.

U.S. Highway 71 marker

U.S. Highway 71
Route of US 71 in Arkansas in red
Route information
Maintained by AHTD, TxDOT
Length310.0 mi (498.9 km)
About 4 miles of highway is located in Texas near Texarkana
Major junctions
South end US 71 at Louisiana state line
  I-49 near Doddridge

I-30.svg I-30 in Texarkana, TX/AR
I-540 in Fort Smith
I-40 near Alma

I-49 in Fayetteville
North end US 71 at Missouri state line
CountiesMiller, Bowie (TX), Little River, Sevier, Polk, Scott, Logan, Sebastian, Crawford, Washington, Benton
Highway system
US 70ARAR 72
US 70TXSH 71


Route descriptionEdit

Location of US 71 within Texas
US 59/US 71 in Ashdown

The route enters Arkansas near the Red River, and runs north through the communities of Doddridge and Fouke.[1] Most motorists can now bypass US 71 from the Louisiana border to Texarkana via Interstate 49. After approximately 30 miles (48 km) of paralleling I-49, the route turns west, passes the historic Averitt House and enters Texarkana. Highway 71 has a brief concurrency with Highway 237 before crossing over The Loop Interstate 49 (former Interstate 130)[2] in the southeast part of town.

Inside the loop, Highway 71 becomes East Street, passing the Texarkana Country Club and Hobo Jungle Park before becoming Hickory Street in downtown Texarkana. The street is four-lane undivided, passing the Bottoms House and J.K. Wadley House before meeting US 67/US 82. US 71 forms a short, two-block concurrency with US 67/US 82 before turning north along Hazel Street. This street runs northwest to intersect State Line Avenue. On State Line Avenue, the northbound lanes are in Arkansas, while the southbound lanes are in Texas.[1] While on State Line Avenue, US 71 intersects Loop 14 (Texas Boulevard), in Texas, and Arkansas Boulevard, in Arkansas. Before US 59 joins US 71 at Interstate 30, nearly a mile north.

From Arkansas Highway 296 north of Texarkana to the Red River, US 71 runs concurrent with US 59 as a divided highway. Except for the northbound lanes (which return to the Arkansas side just before the Red River), this section of 3.39 miles (5.46 km) is entirely in Texas.[a]

The highways re-enter Arkansas (specifically Little River County) completely at the Red River. US 59/US 71 serve as an eastern terminus for Highway 380 upon entering Ogden. Although US 59/US 71 bypass the community as a four-lane highway, the route formerly served Ogden as Grand Street, which as of 2016, retains original 1926 US 71 paving for some of its length.[3] Following the Kansas City Southern Railroad tracks, US 59/US 71 enters Ashdown, where it becomes Constitution Avenue. As it heads north, the routes goes under Highway 32, entering the southern part of Ashdown, serving as Little River's county seat. The highway is named Constitution Avenue, and passes within two blocks of the Little River County Courthouse. The routes intersect with Highway 32B, Rankin Street, and Highway 108, before exiting town due north to Wilton.[4] Entering Wilton, it passes the S.S.P. Mills and Son Building, Highway 234, and the Texarkana and Fort Smith Railway Depot.[5] Just north of town a former alignment comes into view briefly before the Mills Cemetery and the Sevier County line.

US 59/US 71 south of Lockesburg

Once across the Little River, US 59/US 71 passes another former alignment, crosses through Pond Creek National Wildlife Refuge, and runs east of Ben Lomond before entering Lockesburg.[6] A junction in Lockesburg joins US 59/US 71 with US 371, with Highway 24 running west from the junction. Five miles (8.0 km) north of Lockesburg US 70 joins US 59/US 71/US 371, and the concurrent routes turn west to De Queen. Upon entering De Queen, US 59/US 71 turns north, US 70 continues west, US 70 Business/Highway 41 (US 70B/AR 41) runs south, and US 371 terminates at the junction.[7] US 59/US 71 continue through Gillham and Grannis to serve as the western terminus of US 278 in Wickes. Junctions with Highway 246 and Highway 4 precede the route entering Mena, the county seat of Polk County.[8]

In Mena, US 59/US 71 has a brief overlap with Highway 8, during which the routes pass two NRHP listings, the Mena Kansas City-Southern Depot and the Mena Commercial Historic District.[9] US 59/US 71/AR 8 also has an overlap with Highway 88, although the western end of the overlap serves as the eastern terminus of the Talimena Scenic Drive National Scenic Byway designation. After Highway 8 and Highway 88 have left the route US 59/US 71 run north to a junction with US 270 in Acorn. At a fork in the road, US 59 splits onto US 270 west, and US 270 east begins a concurrency with US 71 northbound into Ouachita National Forest.[8] US 71/US 270 continue into Scott County to Y City, where the concurrency ends and US 270 turns east. US 71 runs north through the forest to Waldron, a town the mainline route bypasses to the west while US 71B runs through downtown Waldron. While skirting Waldron, US 71 has a junction with Highway 272 near Waldron Municipal Airport as well as junctions with Highway 248, Highway 80, and Highway 28.[10] This section of US 71 from north of Mena through Fayetteville (following the original sections bypassing the new Interstate 540 has been designated a scenic byway and the Boston Mountains Scenic Loop.

First reassurance marker south of the AR 23 junction in Scott County

North of Waldron, US 71 passes through Mansfield and Greenwood before intersecting with Interstate 540 on the south end of Fort Smith. US 71 overlaps I-540 for approximately 12 miles (19 km) until it reaches Iinterstate 40, then US-71 follows I-40 six miles (9.7 km) to Alma.

US 71 concurrent with I-49 in northwest Arkansas

US 71 passes through Mountainburg, Winslow, West Fork and Greenland on its way to Fayetteville. At Fayetteville, US 71 overlaps I-49 to Bentonville, as well as U.S. Route 62.

North of Bentonville US 71 continues another 12 miles (19 km) passing through Bella Vista to the Missouri state line.


US 71 between Bentonville and the Arkansas–Missouri state line north of Bella Vista was once known as Highway 100. Running approximately 11 miles (18 km), its southern terminus was in Bentonville at the intersection of Central Ave and SW A Street. Its northern terminus was at the Arkansas–Missouri state line where it continued as Route 88. By the mid-1960s, Highway 100 had been replaced by a new alignment of US 71.


Most of US 71 will be bypassed by the northern extension of Interstate 49. Most of the Missouri route has been completed, but stops near Pineville. The Bella Vista Bypass is under construction and will run from Bentonville to Pineville and will also bypass the town of Jane, Missouri.[11] Also part of the I-49 extension, I-540 north of Alma has been replaced and resigned as Interstate 49.[12]

Major intersectionsEdit

ArkansasMiller0.000.00  US 71 south – ShreveportLouisiana state line
4.26.8   I-49 to I-30 – Shreveport, Texarkana, DallasI-49 exit 4
Doddridge5.38.5  AR 160 – Brightstar, Atlanta, Bradley
7.211.6   CR 197 (Spruell's Cafe Road) to I-49
14.823.8  AR 134 east – Garland City, Lewisville
16.426.4   I-49 to I-30 – Texarkana, Dallas, ShreveportI-49 exit 16
Texarkana26.642.8  AR 237 north – MandevilleSouthern end of AR 237 overlap
27.944.9  AR 237 south – Sulphur River Wildlife Management Area, BrightstarNorthern end of AR 237 overlap
29.247.0    I-49 / AR 151 south to I-30 – Shreveport, Little Rock, DallasI-49 exit 29A
31.350.4  AR 196 east (Division Street) – Genoa, Garland City
32.352.0   US 67 north / US 82 east (East 7th Street) – El Dorado, Little RockSouthern end of US 67/US 82 overlap
32.852.8   US 67 south / US 82 west (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard) / Hazel Street – Texarkana Business District, Dallas, ParisNorthern end of US 67/US 82 overlap
ArkansasTexas state lineMillerBowie county lineTexarkana35.056.3   Loop 14 south (Texas Boulevard) / Arkansas Boulevard – Texarkana Airport
35.657.3   I-30 / US 59 south – Dallas, Little RockSouthern end of US 59 overlap; I-30 exit 223
37.059.5   AR 296 east (Sugar Hill Road) to US 67 – Mandeville
Arkansas–Texas state line
TexasBowie1.42.3  I-49 south – Little Rock, ShreveportI-49 exit 42; temporary overlap with I-49
3.25.1  AR 108 east – Fulton
Red River4.0
ArkansasLittle RiverOgden44.171.0  AR 380 east / Grand Street – Ogden Business District
Ashdown51.082.1  AR 32 – Foreman, Millwood DamInterchange
52.384.2  AR 32B east (Rankin Street) – Millwood DamSouthern end of AR 32B overlap
52.584.5  AR 32 west (Main Street)Northern end of AR 32B overlap
54.387.4   AR 108 west to AR 41
Wilton57.392.2  AR 234 west – Alleene
Sevier62.6100.7  AR 234 east – Ben Lomond, Brownstown
64.4103.6  AR 27 north – Ben Lomond, Nashville
Bellville71.6115.2  AR 317 south – Cowlingsville
Lockesburg73.7118.6   US 371 south / AR 24 west – Horatio, NashvilleSouthern end of US 371 overlap
79.2127.5  US 70 east – Dierks, Lake Greeson, Hot Springs, Crater of Diamonds State Park, Daisy State ParkSouthern end of US 70 overlap
De Queen87.1140.2     US 70 west / US 70B west / AR 41 south – Hugo, Foreman, Cossatot Community College University of Arkansas, AirportNorthern end of US 70/US 371 overlap
PolkWickes106.6171.6  US 278 east – Nashville, Cossatot River State Park Natural Area
109.3175.9  AR 84 west – Bogg Springs
113.1182.0  AR 246 east – Vandervoort
Cove117.2188.6  AR 4 west – Watson
Hatfield121.7195.9  AR 246 west
Old Potter127.8205.7  AR 375 east – Potter
Mena131.3211.3  AR 8 west (Reine Street) – RockySouthern end of AR 8 overlap
132.6213.4  AR 88 west (Mena Street) – Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Talimena Scenic DriveSouthern end of AR 88 overlap
133.4214.7   AR 8 east (Morrow Avenue) – Norman, AirportNorthern end of AR 8 overlap
134.3216.1  AR 88 east – Pencil BluffNorthern end of AR 88 overlap
Acorn138.3222.6   US 59 north / US 270 west – Heavener, Rich MountainNorthern end of US 59 overlap; southern end of US 270 overlap
ScottY City153.7247.4  US 270 east – Hot SpringsNorthern end of US 270 overlap
Needmore159.9257.3  AR 28 east – Parks
163.8263.6   US 71B north to AR 250 – Waldron
166.7268.3  AR 272 eastSouthern end of AR 272 overlap
166.8268.4   AR 272 west – AirportNorthern end of AR 272 overlap
Waldron167.2269.1  AR 248 west – Lake Hinkle
167.8270.0  AR 80 – Hon, Danville
170.1273.7  US 71B south – Waldron Business District
170.9275.0  AR 28 west – Heavener
Elm Park177.6285.8  AR 378 west
178.3286.9  AR 23 north – Booneville
No major junctions
ScottMansfield187.9302.4  AR 96 west (Huntington Avenue) – Hartford, Mansfield Business District
SebastianHuntington189.4304.8  AR 252 west (West Crescent Street) – SlaytonvilleSouthern end of AR 252 overlap
191.4308.0  AR 252 east – DaytonNorthern end of AR 252 overlap
198.3319.1  AR 10 – Hackett, Greenwood, Mount Magazine State Park
199.9321.7  AR 10S east (Center Street West) – Greenwood, Booneville
203.4327.3   AR 549 north / Future I-49Northbound segment complete and opened between Greenwood and Barling; southbound segment into Greenwood unbuilt; AR 549/I-49 future exit 187
Fort Smith205.5330.7  AR 45 south – HackettSouthern end of AR 45 overlap
206.1331.7  AR 45 northNorthern end of AR 45 overlap
208.2335.1   I-540 south / US 71B north – SpiroSouthern end of I-540 overlap; US 71 south follows exit 12; temporary overlap with I-49
See I-540
CrawfordVan Buren220.2354.4  I-40 west – Oklahoma CityNorthern end of I-540 overlap; southern end of I-40 overlap; US 71 north follows exit 1B; US 71 south follows exit 7; temporary overlap with I-49
224.8361.812  I-49 north – Fayetteville
Alma225.9363.6   I-40 east / US 71B south – Little Rock, AlmaNorthern end of I-40 overlap; US 71 north follows exit 13
Deans Market229.7369.7  AR 282 west – RudySouthern end of AR 282 overlap
230.4370.8  AR 282 eastNorthern end of AR 282 overlap
Cain234.8377.9  AR 348 east
Mountainburg236.7380.9   AR 282 west to I-49 – Fort Smith, Little Rock, Fayetteville
240.0386.2   AR 282 west to I-49 – Chester
244.2393.0  AR 400 south (Shepherd Spring Road) – Lake Fort Smith
WashingtonWinslow252.5406.4  AR 74 west – Winslow, Devils Den State Park
Brentwood255.9411.8  AR 74 east
West Fork264.2425.2   AR 170 west to I-49 – West Fork Business District, Devils Den State Park
Fayetteville270.8435.8  AR 156 east (Willoughby Road)
271.3436.6  US 71B north (School Avenue) – Fayetteville Business DistrictAt-grade intersection; Southern end of freeway
272.0437.760   AR 112 (Razorback Road) / AR 265 (Cato Springs Road)No direct southbound exit (accessed via I-49 south)
272.6438.7  I-49 south – Fort SmithSouthern end of I-49 overlap; no direct northbound exit (signed at exit 60); US 71 south follows exit 61
See I-49
BentonBentonville303.2488.093  US 71B south (North Walton Boulevard)Northern end of I-49 overlap
Bella Vista307.6495.098  AR 340 (Lancanshire Boulevard)Interchange
310.0498.9  US 71 north – JoplinMissouri state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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