U.S. Route 421 in Indiana

U.S. Route 421 (US 421) enters Indiana from Kentucky, proceeding northwest to Indianapolis, joining Interstate 465, and then continuing northwest to Michigan City.

U.S. Route 421 marker

U.S. Route 421
US 421 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by INDOT
Length255.065 mi[1] (410.487 km)
Major junctions
South end US 421 near Madison
  US 50 in Versailles
I-74 Greensburg
I-74 / I-465 in Indianapolis
I-70 in Indianapolis
I-69 in Indianapolis
I-465 in Indianapolis
US 24 in Monticello
US 30 Wanatah
I-80 / I-90 / Indiana Toll Road near Otis
I-94 near Michigan City
North end US 20 in Michigan City
CountiesJefferson, Ripley, Decatur, Rush, Shelby, Marion, Hamilton, Boone, Clinton, Carroll, White, Pulaski, Starke, LaPorte
Highway system
SR 364SR 427

US 421 winds through the southern part of Indiana as it runs from Madison, in the southeastern part of the state, to Indianapolis (the capital). North of Greensburg, US 421 intersects and merges with I-74 west, through the Shelbyville area en route to Indianapolis. Originally, US 421 followed Michigan Road into Indianapolis, which turns into Southeastern Avenue and heads to downtown. US 421 then merged with US 40 (Washington St.) and headed to West Street, then turned north, following West Street, Northwestern Avenue (later Martin Luther King Jr. Street), and Michigan Road up to the northwest side of the city. US 421 passed an Indianapolis landmark, the Pyramids. North of Indianapolis, US 421 continues to the north-northwest, providing a direct highway link between Indianapolis and Michigan City. US 421 ends at its junction with US 20 on the south side of Michigan City. Originally, the highway's end was a few miles north at the junction with US 12 near the shores of Lake Michigan.

Route descriptionEdit

Madison to IndianapolisEdit

US 421 enters Indiana from Kentucky over the Ohio River. After crossing the Ohio River US 421 has a short concurrency with State Road 56 (SR 56). After the concurrency with SR 56 ends US 421 becomes a four-lane highway. US 421 has an intersection with State Road 62 (SR 62). North of Madison US 421 becomes a two-lane highway, heading north then northeast. US 421 heads towards Versailles, passing through an intersection with State Road 250 (SR 250). In Versailles US 421 has a concurrency with State Road 129 that ends at U.S. Route 50 (US 50). US 421 heads west out of Versailles concurrent with US 50. West of Varsailles US 421 heads northwest, towards Greensburg. US 421 passes through Osgood and Napoleon, passing through intersections with State Road 350 (SR 350) and SR 229. US 421 enters Greensburg on the southeast side of town and heads to the northwest side of town. In Greensburg US 421 is concurrent with State Road 46 (SR 46) and intersects State Road 3 (SR 3). On the northwest side of Greensburg US 421 joins Interstate 74 (I-74). I-74/US 421 heads northwest towards Indianapolis, passing near Shelbyville. Near Shelbyville I-74/US 421 has interchanges with State Road 44 (SR 44) and State Road 9 (SR 9). I-74/US 421 enters Indianapolis on the southeast side of the city. US 421 heads north and west around Indianapolis, concurrent with Interstate 465.

Indianapolis to Michigan CityEdit

US 421 is concurrent with I-465, until the northwest side of the city. US 421 leaves I-465 heading northwest. US 421 becomes a two-lane highway, heading through intersections with State Road 32 (SR 32), State Road 47 (SR 47), State Road 38 (SR 38), and State Road 29 (SR 29), and has a concurrency with State Road 28 (SR 28). US 421 and SR 28 enter Frankfort heading west; the concurrency ends when US 421 heads north concurrent with State Road 38 (SR 38) and State Road 39 (SR 39). US 421/SR 38/SR 39 heads northwest out of Frankfort, and 5 miles (8.0 km) later SR 38 heads due west. US 421/SR 39 heads northwest towards Delphi passing through an intersection with State Road 26 (SR 26). In Delphi US 421/SR 39 are concurrent with State Road 25 (SR 25). US 421/SR 39 heads northwest out of Delphi passing through Pittsburg. West of Pittsburg US 421/SR 39 heads due north towards Monticello. In Monticello the concurrency with SR 39 ends with SR 39 heading east on U.S. Route 24 and US 421 heading west on US 24. US 24/US 421 heads north towards Reynolds, where US 24 heads west and US 421 heads due north. US 421 heads north towards Michigan City, passing through Monon, Wanatah, and Westville. US 421 has intersections with State Road 16 (SR 16), State Road 114 (SR 114), State Road 143 (SR 143), State Road 8 (SR 8), and U.S. Route 30 (US 30). US 421 has concurrency with State Road 14 (SR 14), State Road 10 (SR 10), U.S. Route 6 (US 6), and State Road 2 (SR 2). US 421 has interchanges with Interstate 80/Interstate 90 and Interstate 94. US 421's northern terminus is at U.S. Route 20 (US 20) in Michigan City.


Before US 421 was commissioned in Indiana, the route from Madison to Boyleston was SR 29. This is why SR 129 and State Road 229 (SR 229) have concurrency or terminus at US 421. US 421 from Reynolds to Michigan City was originally State Road 43 (SR 43). This is the reason for SR 143 having its eastern terminus at US 421.


US 421 passed through downtown Madison and headed northwest out of Madison. A new route was built east of the old route. The old route was designated State Road 107 until it was decommissioned.


US 421 entered Indianapolis on the southeast side of the city and went through downtown. US 421 was routed on Southeastern Avenue, Washington Street, Northwestern Avenue (now Martin Luther King Jr. Street), and Michigan Road.

Michigan CityEdit

US 421 went through Michigan City to U.S. Route 12 (US 12) near Lake Michigan. Then INDOT moved the northern terminus of US 421 south to US 20, on the south side of Michigan City.

Major intersectionsEdit

Ohio River0.0000.000Milton-Madison Bridge
  US 421 south continues into Kentucky
JeffersonMadison0.5320.856  SR 56 east – AuroraEastern end of SR 56 concurrency
0.8221.323  SR 56 west – HanoverWestern end of SR 56 concurrency
4.5857.379  SR 62 – Hanover, Dillsboro
Belleview8.14413.106  SR 250 – PatriotWestern terminus of eastern section of SR 250
RipleyVersailles25.87341.639  SR 129 south – VevaySouthern end of SR 129 concurrency
26.34542.398   US 50 east / SR 129 north – LawrenceburgEastern end of US 50 concurrency; northern end of SR 129 concurrency
28.47545.826  US 50 west – North VernonWestern end of US 50 concurrency
Osgood31.63450.910  SR 350 east – DelawareWestern terminus of SR 350
Napoleon37.09859.703  SR 229 – Batesville, Lawrenceburg
DecaturGreensburg49.72580.025  SR 46 east – BatesvilleEastern end of SR 46 concurrency
50.12780.672  SR 46 west – ColumbusWestern end of SR 46 concurrency
51.12182.271  SR 3 – North Vernon, Rushville
52.41484.352132  I-74 east – CincinnatiEastern end of I-74 concurrency
Rush county tripoint
Orange township tripoint
62.250100.182123St. Paul, Middletown
ShelbyLiberty Township66.695107.335119  SR 244
Shelbyville69.721112.205116  SR 44 – Franklin, Rushville
72.432116.568113  SR 9 – Shelbyville, Anderson
Fairland74.862120.479109Fairland Road
Sugar Creek82.304132.455103London Road
Moral Township84.237135.566101Pleasant View Road
MarionActon86.227138.76999Acton Road
Wanamaker89.345143.78796Post Road
   I-74 / I-465 west / US 31 west / US 36 west / US 40 west / SR 37 south / SR 67 south
Southeastern Avenue
Western end of I-74 concurrency; southern end of I-465/US 31/US 36/US 40/SR 37/SR 67 concurrency
91.753147.66248Shadeland AvenueWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
93.218150.02047  US 52 east / Brookville RoadSouthern end of US 52 concurrency
94.761152.50346  US 40 east / Washington StreetNorthern end of US 40 concurrency
96.367155.08844  I-70 – Indianapolis, Dayton
Lawrence98.980159.29342   US 36 east / SR 67 north / Pendleton Pike – PendletonNorthern end of US 36/SR 67 concurrency
101.195162.85840Shadeland Avenue
56th Street
Indianapolis103.177166.04737   I-69 north / SR 37 north – Fort Wayne
Binford Boulevard – Indianapolis
Southern terminus of I-69; northern end of SR 37 concurrency
105.089169.12435Allisonville RoadFormerly SR 37A
107.184172.49633Keystone Parkway
HamiltonCarmel109.706176.55531  US 31 north – Westfield, Kokomo
Meridian Street south
Northern end of US 31 concurrency
MarionIndianapolis113.573182.77827  I-465 west / US 52 west
Michigan Road
Northern end of I-465/US 52 concurrency
No major junctions
BooneRosston122.512197.164  SR 32 – Lebanon, Noblesville
Marion Township128.932207.496  SR 47
ClintonKirklin133.744215.240  SR 38
Michigan Township139.491224.489  SR 28 east – TiptonEastern end of SR 28 concurrency
139.996225.302  SR 29 north – LogansportSouthern terminus of SR 29
Frankfort146.173235.243    SR 28 west / SR 38 south / SR 39 southWestern end of SR 28 concurrency; southern end of SR 38/SR 39 concurrency
147.035236.630  SR 75 northSouthern terminus of SR 75
township line
151.992244.607  SR 38 westNorthern end of SR 38 concurrency
Rossville157.248253.066  SR 26 – Lafayette, Kokomo
CarrollDeer Creek Township166.090267.296  SR 18 eastEastern end of SR 18 concurrency
Delphi168.671271.450  SR 25 – Logansport, Lafayette
Tippecanoe Township173.664279.485  SR 18 westWestern end of SR 18 concurrency
WhiteMonticello184.697297.241   US 24 east / SR 39 north – LogansportEastern end of US 24 concurrency; northern end of SR 39 concurrency
Reynolds190.611306.759   US 24 west / SR 43 south – Wolcott, RemingtonWestern end of US 24 concurrency; northern terminus of SR 43
Monon198.825319.978  SR 16
PulaskiSalem Township203.631327.712  SR 114 westEastern terminus of SR 114
White Post Township209.680337.447  SR 14 westSouthern end of SR 14 concurrency
212.050341.261  SR 14 east – WinamacNorthern end of SR 14 concurrency
Cass Township217.553350.118  SR 143 westEastern terminus of SR 143
StarkeSan Pierre221.013355.686  SR 10 west – DeMotteSouthern end of SR 10 concurrency.
223.032358.935  SR 10 east – Culver, ArgosNorthern end of SR 10 concurrency
LaPorteLaCrosse230.077370.273  SR 8 – Hebron, Knox
Wanatah238.124383.223   US 30 / Lincoln Highway – Merrillville, Valparaiso, Plymouth, Fort Wayne
Westville243.954392.606  US 6 east – WalkertonSouthern end of US 6 concurrency
245.086394.428  US 6 west – HobartNorthern end of US 6 concurrency
245.814395.599  SR 2 south – ValparaisoSouthern end of SR 2 concurrency
246.943397.416  SR 2 north – LaporteNorthern end of SR 2 terminus
New Durham Township248.847400.480    I-80 / I-90 / Indiana Toll Road – South Bend, Gary, Chicago
Coolspring Township253.235407.542  I-94 – Michigan City, Gary, Chicago, Detroit
Michigan City255.065410.487  US 20 – Michigan City, South Bend, GaryNorthern terminus of US 421
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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