Tylosurus acus

Tylosurus acus (keel-jawed needlefish) is a game fish of the family Belonidae.

Tylosurus acus
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Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Beloniformes
Family: Belonidae
Genus: Tylosurus
T. acus
Binomial name
Tylosurus acus
(Lacépède, 1803)
  • T. acus acus (Lacepede, 1803)
  • T. a. imperialis (Rafinesque, 1810)
  • T. a. melanotus (Bleeker, 1850)
  • T. a. rafale Collette and Parin, 1970


The keel-jawed needlefish is widespread in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific oceans.[2]


There are four recognised subspecies of Tylosurus acus:[1]

Tylosurus pacificus was once considered a subspecies of T. acus but is now considered a distinct species.[3] Although acus was suppressed by ICZN Opinion 900, continued usage of the name led to Tylosurus acus being reinstated as a valid name.[4][5] Some authorities raise the four subspecies to species level.[6]


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