William N. Eschmeyer

William Neil Eschmeyer, also known as Bill Eschmeyer, is an American ichthyologist. He is the founder and developer of the database and reference work Catalog of Fishes, hosted by the California Academy of Sciences and available both on-line and in print.

  • Curator Emeritus, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California
  • Research Associate, Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, Florida


The following fish are named in his honor:

Eschmeyer nexus.

Rhinopias eschmeyeri a scorpionfish from the Indo-West Pacific.

The Scorpianfish Phenacoscorpius eschmeyeri Parin & Mandritsa, 1992 [1]

The Cape Rockfish Trachyscorpia eschmeyeri Whitley, 1970.

Scorpaenopsis eschmeyeri J. E. Randall & D. W. Greenfield, 2004

The knifefish Apteronotus eschmeyeri de Santana, Maldenado-Ocampo, Severi & G. N. Mendes, 2004

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  • Poss, S.G. & Eschmeyer, W.N. 1980. Xenaploactis, a new genus for Prosopodasys asperrimus Günther (Pisces: Aploactinidae), with descriptions of two new species. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, (Series 4) 42(8), pages 287–293

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