Tuzla Canton

The Tuzla Canton[1] (Bosnian: Tuzlanski kanton) is one of 10 cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The cantonal seat is the city of Tuzla.

Tuzlanski kanton[1](bs)
Tuzlanska županija (hr)
Тузлански кантон (sr)
Flag of Tuzlanski kanton[1](bs)
Coat of arms of Tuzlanski kanton[1](bs)
Location of the Tuzla Canton
Location of the Tuzla Canton
Coordinates: 44°33′N 18°36′E / 44.550°N 18.600°E / 44.550; 18.600Coordinates: 44°33′N 18°36′E / 44.550°N 18.600°E / 44.550; 18.600
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
EntityFederation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Established1994; 28 years ago (1994)
Cantonal seatTuzla
Municipalities13 municipalities
 • Prime MinisterIrfan Halilagić (SDA)
 • President of AssemblySlađan Ilić (SDP BiH)
 • Total2,649 km2 (1,023 sq mi)
 (2013 census)[2]
 • Total445,025
 • Density170/km2 (440/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeBA-03


The Tuzla Canton comprises the following municipalities:[3]

Municipality Population
Tuzla 74,457 110,979
Živinice 16,157 57,765
Gračanica 12,882 45,220
Lukavac 12,061 44,520
Srebrenik 6,694 39,678
Gradačac 12,764 39,340
Kalesija 2,039 33,053
Banovići 6,432 22,773
Kladanj 4,026 12,348
Sapna 2,072 11,178
Čelić 3,436 10,502
Doboj Istok 4,874 10,248
Teočak 2,763 7,424
Total 160,657 445,025

History and cultureEdit

The canton was created by the Washington Agreement in 1994, and its boundaries defined by the Dayton Agreement in 1995. Tuzla Canton was called Tuzla-Podrinje Canton until February 1999. Podrinje means ‘region near the river Drina’ but as the river did not flow through the Canton, a name change was authorised.

The Srebrenik Fortress is Bosnia's best-preserved medieval fort, dating from 1333 and is located in Srebrenik. The Panonian lake is a famous holiday resort for tourists.

Tuzla is the hip hop center of the Balkans due to Edo Maajka, Frenkie and the first hip hop station in Bosnia, which is located in Tuzla, FMJAM. Music artist guitarist Emir Hot, pianist Bešlić, accordionist Emir Vildić and violinist Selma Dizdarević are also from Tuzla. Famous singers Selma Bajrami and Lepa Brena were both born in Tuzla.


2013 CensusEdit

As of 2013 census, a total of 445,028 inhabitants lives in Tuzla Canton.[3]

Municipality Nationality Total
Bosniaks % Croats % Serbs %
Tuzla Canton 392,355 88.16 23,592 5.30 7,058 1.58 445,028

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