Tula Chiefdom

The Tula Kingdom is a Nigerian traditional state in northern Nigeria with its headquarters in Wange, Kaltungo, Local Government Area Gombe. It comprises three districts: Yiri, Baule and Wange, and is located 101 kilometres away from the Gombe State capital and 15 kilometres off the Adamawa-Yola highway.[1][2] The Present Mai or King Dr Abubakar Buba Atare II is the paramount Ruler and Chairman Tula Chiefdom.

Tula peopleEdit

The Tula people are known warriors, as The saying "Tula Maza Ba Tsoro" it is evident that Tula were in a Battle with the people of Misau Emirate present day Bauchi State, a Jihad led by the 'Emir' of Misau Mai Sale who was not only defeated but had his head Decapitated. His remain was buried at Sukube Baule in 1887 During the Reign of Mai Baule Wumne. Tula people happened to be the only people of Ngazargamu/ Bornu Empire descent who fought a commander of the Sokoto Caliphate and defeated the caliphate's Army. Tula People were never defeated on a battle ground, Tula was among the only few places that the founder of the Sokoto Caliphate, Usman Dan Fodio's army couldn't conquer During his Jihad.


The disunity of the three districts that the Tula Chiefdom is composed of meant it was not created until 2001; it was created out of the Kaltungo Chiefdom under the administration of Abubakar Habu Hashidu, the then Governor of Gombe State by act of the Gombe State House of Assembly. Dr Kokiya Atare Buba was appointed the 'Mai', or King of the newly created chiefdom, which consists of 13 districts and the new emir was presented with His staff of office in March 2003 at Kaltin where his tomb resides. Dr K A Buba took the regnal name Dr K A Buba (The 1st Mai of Tula). On 13 December 2009 Dr K A Buba passed away leaving the stool vacant, 8 days later his 22-year-old son Abubakar Buba Atare was appointed to succeed him making him the Youngest Monarch in recent memory. He took the regnal name Aubakar Buba Atare II (The Second Mai of Tula). In January 2011, the then Executive Governor of Gombe State Mohammed Danjuma Goje upgraded the Tula Chiefdom to a first class status [3][4] In May 2017, Mai Abubakar Atare donated land so a golf course could be built in the Tula region.[5]


Title HoldersEdit

Some other positions include:

District Head of Baule
Ibrahim Hassan Musa
District Head of Wange
Abdullahi Aska Shamaki
Sarkin Hurumin Tula
Mal. Abdulrahman Barkindo
Jagaban Tula 
Mal. Munnir Hassan Dankwambo
Ciroman  Labaru of Tula
Mal. Naseer Mohammad Shuaib 
District Head of Yiri
Yerima Doma
Jakadan Tula
R B Lamay
Galadiman Tula 
Alhaji Yahaya W Yahya
Ciroman Tula 
Ibrahim Hassan


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