Treni Regionali Ticino Lombardia

TILO (Italian: Treni Regionali Ticino Lombardia) is a limited company established in 2004 as a joint venture between Italian railway company Trenord and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF FFS); both companies participate in the equity of TILO SA with participation of 50%.[1]

Logo of TiLo
TiLo train in station in Lugano

The company's goal is to develop the regional cross-border traffic between the canton of Ticino and the Region of Lombardy.

In 2009 the company carried 6 million passengers. Most traveled along the ComoChiassoMendrisioLuganoBellinzonaBiasca (S10) and Bellinzona ↔ Locarno routes (S20), served by trains every 30 minutes (every 15 minutes on average at peak times). Line S30 Bellinzona ↔ Luino is served every 2 hours, with a single daily train continuing to Busto Arsizio.

The staff that runs the trains in Italy is supplied by Trenord, and by Swiss Federal Railways for the trains running in Switzerland.

The fleet consists of

  • 19 RABe 524.0/ETR 150 Stadler FLIRT 4-car EMUs (3 of them temporary in service on Genève-La Plaine line)
  • 11 RABe 524.1/ETR 524 Stadler FLIRT 6-car EMUs
  • some NPZ RBDe 560 EMUs with NPZ driving trailers and EW 1 or EW 2 intermediate coaches (exact number is unknown but variable)

The Stadler FLIRT trains are equipped to run in both Switzerland and Italy, while the older NPZ trains are used only on peak hours trains in Switzerland.

The trains are always accompanied by a driver only, except for the S10 only in the Italian section Chiasso - Albate,[citation needed] where there is also a staff member accompanying the train (conductor).

TILO is a member of the Arcobaleno tariff network.[2]

Lines currently managedEdit

TILO currently operates the lines S10, S20, S30, S40, S50 and S90, as well as the RegioExpress line RE80 from Locarno to Milan.

Line Route Country
S10 (Airolo) - Biasca - BellinzonaLuganoChiasso (– Como)[3]    Switzerland
S20 Castione/Arbedo – BellinzonaLocarno[4]    Switzerland
S30 (Bellinzona –) CadenazzoLuino (– Gallarate)[4]    Switzerland
S40 VareseMendrisioComo    Switzerland
S50 Malpensa T2 - VareseStabioMendrisioLuganoBiasca - (Airolo)[5]    Switzerland
S90 Giubiasco - Lugano - (Mendrisio)    Switzerland
RE80 LocarnoLuganoChiassoMilan    Switzerland


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