Tournai railway station

Tournai railway station soon after its completion in 1879
Tournai railway station in 2012

The railway station of Tournai, in Belgium, is situated on line 94. The first train arrived there on 24 January 1842. A first neo-classical stone building dating from the 1840s was later dismantled and replaced to serve as the railway station of the town of Leuze-en-Hainaut. The current station building was designed by Henri Beyaert and erected between 1874-1879. The monumental building originally included a glass and iron construction covering the platforms and rails, and a "gare des marchandises" located in a separate building conceived in the form of a late-medieval Flemish cloth-hall. The buildings were severely damaged during World War II. The structure covering the platforms and rails was demolished and replaced by simple awnings covering the platforms.

Train servicesEdit

The station is served by the following services:

  • Intercity services (IC-06) Tournai - Ath - Halle - Brussels - Brussels Airport
  • Intercity services (IC-19) Lille - Tournai - Saint-Ghislain - Mons - Charleroi - Namur
  • Intercity services (IC-25) Mouscron - Tournai - Saint-Ghislain - Mons - Charleroi - Namur - Huy - Liege - Liers (weekends)
  • Intercity services (IC-26) Kortrijk - Tournai - Halle - Brussels - Dendermonde - Lokeren - Sint Niklaas (weekdays)
  • Local services (L-29) Tournai - Saint-Ghislain - Mons - Ath - Geraardsbergen (weekdays)
Preceding station   NMBS/SNCB   Following station
TerminusIC 06
IC 19
toward Namur
toward Mouscron
IC 25
toward Liers
toward Kortrijk
IC 26
toward Sint-Niklaas
TerminusL 29

Coordinates: 50°36′47″N 3°23′48″E / 50.613°N 3.3966°E / 50.613; 3.3966