Special Rescue Exceedraft

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Special Rescue Exceedraft (特捜エクシードラフト, Tokusō Ekushīdorafuto) is the last part of the Rescue Police Series trilogy in Toei Company's Metal Hero Series franchise of superhero TV series. It was aired in Japan from February 2, 1992 to January 24, 1993. The series was initially conceived as taking place in a new continuity, leading to weaker ties to Solbrain and Winspector, but have since been contradicted by these shows produced in that year as Metal Heroes Series was ended in 1999.

Special Rescue Exceedraft
Superhero fiction
Science fiction
Created byToei
Developed byJunichi Miyashita
Directed byKaneharu Mitsumura
StarringShigeki Kagemaru
Mamoru Kawai
Iori Sakakibara
Yuki Nakamura
Toyoto Fukuda
Narrated byYoshinari Torii (episodes 1-14)
Akira Murayama (15-20)
Masaki Terasoma (21-49)
ComposerKaoru Mizuki
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes49
Running time30 minutes (per episode)
Original networkTV Asahi
Original releaseFebruary 2, 1992 (1992-02-02) –
January 24, 1993 (1993-01-24)
Preceded bySuper Rescue Solbrain
Followed byTokusou Robo Janperson

Exceedraft TeamEdit

  • Hayato Kano/Draft Redder (叶 隼人/ドラフトレッダー, Kanō Hayato/Dorafuto Reddā): Exceedraft team leader, 24 years old. An Interpol inspector. Speaks 5 languages and practices sports. He is calm and responsible, being kind with children. But, when it is about working, he becomes very strict. To uphold justice, he challenges his own limit. His Try Jacket, Redder, is later upgraded to SyncRedder (シンクレッダー, ShinkuReddā). His Try Jacket color is red.
  • Kosaku Muraoka/Draft Blues (村岡 耕作/ドラフトブルース, Muraoka Kōsaku/Dorafuto Burūsu): Exceedraft member, skilled in investigating. Also 24 years old. He is a person with a great humanitarism, although being impassive with his weapon. He fights crime trying to restaure the familiar bonds, trying to seek forgiveness for having lost his parents in the childhood. Other than that, he is a master of disguise. His Try Jacket color is blue.
  • Ken Okuma/Draft Keace (大熊 拳/ドラフトキース, Ōkuma Ken/Dorafuto Kīsu): Exceedraft's youngest member, skilled in martial arts. 23 years old. He is the superintendent of the Fire Brigade, as well of the Police. An influent person, he won the karate tournament when he was at school. Despite his sporty attitude, he becomes extremely serious when facing evil. His hobby is cooking. His Try Jacket color is yellow.
  • Ai Hyuga (日向 愛, Hyūga Ai): Exceedraft's communication officer and police inspector; also helps team in fighting. 22 years old. When the cases occur, she operates a computer to back up the Exceedraft Team members. She has a brilliant mind and excels in sports, especially Kendo.
  • Jukichi Katsuragi (桂木 重吉, Katsuragi Jūkichi): Once, he was a member of Interpol (ICPO). He is Exceedraft's General Manager. In appearance he looks carefree, but, when the cases occur, he gives precise instructions to the members. 54 years old. His hobbies are fishing and he appreciates Rōkyoku. During the top-secret mission during Episodes 11-18, he had travelled to his ICPO old haunt.
  • Tetsuo Isshiki (一色 哲夫, Isshiki Tetsuo,) - 50 years old. He is Exceedraft's superintendent supervisor. He served as the deputy general manager of Katsuragi, who went to Paris on a top secret mission in Episodes 11-18.

Other charactersEdit

  • Masaru Hyūga (日向 勝, Hyūga Masaru): Ai's younger brother. 10 years old. Like his sister, he practices Kendo. He encountered Akiba many times in the incident in charge, Like when he was taken captive by Togo (episode 44) or by God's Santa (ep 43 & 44). In the final episode, he was alongside his sister Ai during the duel between Hayato and Daimon.
  • David Akiba (デビッド 秋葉, Debiddo Akiba, 19, 20, 28, 29, 43, 44 & 49): A special investigator from the Committee to Eradicate Terrorism in Latin America, he was killed in harness and a space lifeform transferred with his body. As for the space life body which transferred with the space criminal investigator which chases the younger brother, Carlos Togo, who became a space criminal.
  • Shunsuke Masaki (正木 俊介, Masaki Shunsuke) - Former Winspector and Solbrain chief.
  • Mika (美香, Mika, 35-49) - A mysterious girl that appears often in front of Hayato. Her true form is Michael, an angel sent by God. She has received the mission to proitect a part of human race (only children) from Daimon's devil hands in order to make that human beings could survive as species. Although ruthless ad cold for individual human beings, Originally, she did not care about sacrificing nonhumans to protect human beings as well the children's feelings. For example, trying to obliterate the Team Exceedraft against the God's will as a person, she cannot choose the means if for the purpose, as well as showing of her power in the Exceedraft's headquarters at that time she remarked looking down on humankind, that they do not follow the God's will as a matter of course and are not aware of it. However, she changed her mind and regenerated Hayato after his battle against Daimon. She operates as Santa Claus' messenger.


  • Carlos Togo (カルロス 東郷, Karurosu Tōgō, 19, 20, 28 & 29): An international terrorist. He shot David Akiba to death, but the latter had his body possessed by a space lifeform. Actually, he is David's younger brother. He was on the wrong path due to the matter of losing his parents due to a crime, he has been engaged in a deathmatch with his brother, that was an investigator. However, he burdened for the feelings of his brother, shedding tears even preventing him of committing suicide by throwing off.
  • Iwao Daimon (大門 巌, Daimon Iwao): - The president of Daimon Concern. He first appeared in Episode 33. He often started to challenge the Exceedraft Team. His true form is a demon.[1] To win the "battle between God and the Devil", he recurred to every means (33, 34, 43, 44, & 47-49). He could manipulate his opponents using psychological attacks (In this case, for some reason, it becomes an eloquent tone). Being skilled in fighting, in the last episode, he overpowered Hayato, only to disappear being blown off to the Earth, which has been an incandescent hell, after being struck by Hayato's Cyclone Nova, right after the Earth went back to the normal.


  • EDRT-001 Revolback G-3 (リボルバックG-3, Riborubakku Jī Surī): Exceedraft Team's weapon. It can be used in 3 different modes, how is mounted. These are Hyper Blast Mode, Thunder Grenade Mode and Freeze Laser Mode, even its catdrige is just a normal weapon's catdrige.
  • EDRT-002 Try Shaft (トライシャフト, Torai Shafuto): A special baton used by the Exceedraft team
  • EDRT-003 Access Lock S (アクセスロックS, Akusesu Rokku Esu): Exceedraft's Transformation Device. Multi-purpose compact radio used by Exceedraft members. it can be used for voice communication, encrypted communication using the buttons, with functions such as remote control of the SIM spacecraft information. Connecting it into the Access Lock Catcher near the seat of the Scramhead or of the Varias 7 will move the seat to the armor hangar of the vehicle to equip the Try Jacket armors. The transformation call is Implement! (実装!, Jissō!).
  • EDRT-004 Hydrander (ハイドランダー, Haidorandā): A portable water cannon installed on the hangar of the Scramhead
  • EDRT-005 Turbo Unit W (ターボユニットW, Tābo Yunitto Daburyū): An Accelerator mounted on the armor's ankle. The turbine can spin in high speed and run in the Mach 1 approximated speed and the jumping power is boosted to 100 meters.
  • EDRT-006 Guardler (ガードラー, Gādorā): An Equipment shield-like to make Turbo Unit W's performance more efficient.
  • EDRT-007 E.M-Blade (エンブレード, Enburēdo): A scalpel-shaped laser sword, used by Redder. It can be stored in the Guardler. Is frequently used in close combat,Shrinking the portion of its blade, can also be loaded with the Heavy Cyclone.
  • EDRT-008 Buildriver (ビルドライバー, Birudoraibā): A Rescue Tool that appears in the middle of the series. It changes the equipment power replacing a unit with one of its modes: Drill mode or Disk Mode (used when a person is blocked in the elevator for example). On the other hand, the power is boosted 10 times when is combined with the Reovolback G-3 and it is used as Revol Driving Mode.
  • EDRT-009 Special Rescue Badge (特捜手帳, Tokusō Techō): The Badge used by the Exceedraft Team. It contains a data chip to provide quick data required for investigation and rescue activities. Its system is similar to Solbrain's Solindicater or Winspector's SP License, but differently from the previous shows, the badges appeared after the Episode 25.
  • EDRT-00X Heavy Cyclone (ヘビーサイクロン, Hebī Saikuron): A multi-purpose firearm developed specifically for SyncRedder. The cartridges used are "Magnum", "Gel"(with same functions of Pile Tornado's Caulking Puncher) and "Vulcan", loading it with the E.M-Blade, it can perform the Cyclone Nova (サイクロン・ノバ, Saikuron Nova) hissatsu.

Try JacketsEdit

  • SWAT Mode (スワットモード, Suwatto Mōdo) (Redder): Special armor which has the specialty in being resistant to impacts and bulletproof.
  • Enhanced TryJacket (強化トライジャケット, Kyōka Torai Jaketto): The enhanced version of the Try Jackets, upgraded by Ai Hyuuga after a crushing defeat, that appeared in the second half of the series (Episode 33). The Try Jackets are powered-up are specialized in rescue-oriented functions, with an emphasis on the combat. Blues' and Keace's Try Jackets have an aesthetically minor change, with white bands on the arms and on the legs. A similar version of Redder's Try Jacket with these minor changes appeared in Episode 35. Sometimes, prior to this upgrade, the Varias 7 was immediately deployed and Blues and Keace started to implement these upgraded suits inside the Scramhead.
  • Battle Jacket (バトルジャケット, Batoru Jaketto): Redder's upgraded Try Jacket with a changed design, known also as SyncRedder. Differently from the Enhanced TryJackets, the Battle Jacket has 2 white stripes in each leg and arm. SyncRedder's helmet is equipped with two gates as Shock Guns for criminal repression.
  • Arrest Mode (アレストモード, Aresuto Mōdo) (Blues): Special armor which has the ability of absorbing electricity and has high capacity for investigations.
  • Fire Mode (ファイヤーモード, Faiyā Mōdo) (Keace): Special heat-resistant armor which is capable of firefighting and is well adapted to rescues.


  • SRED-01 Scramhead (スクラムヘッド, Sukuramuheddo): Redder, Blues and Keace's SUV, a modified, armor-clad Chevrolet K5 Blazer. It is extremely fast, and runs well even on bad roads. The armor's wallet is stored inside of it, being mounted externally. When Redder uses it, he gets into the vehicle and the seat moves to the armored top on the back of Scramhead, where the armor is mounted. The armored wings are attached outside the car.
  • SRED-02 Varias 7 (バリアス7, Bariasu Sebun): SyncRedder's car, a modified Chevrolet Corvette C4. It is equipped with seven functions (Access Radar, Hyper Searchlight, Hydlide Cannon, Break Laser, Multi-Anchor, Hover Speeder, and Grenade Shooter). Patrol and emergency modes are used, depending on the situation.
  • Intelligence Acquiring Satellite SIM (情報探査衛星シム, Jōhō Tansa Eisei Shimu): The team's satellite that floats in earth's orbit. Is operated by Ai. It can track the crime scene and even a radio signal from Access Lock S. The top of the fuselage is equipped with a laser cannon. In addition, it can also display the database of various weapons and criminal databases.
  • Undercover Patrol Cars (隊員用覆面パトカー, Taiin-yō fukumen patokā)Undercover Personnel Cars: a Yellow car and a Black car, both Autozam AZ-3.

Episode listEdit

  1. Kindergarten Bus of Death (死の幼稚園バス, Shi no Yōchien Basu): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  2. Rupture City SOS! (爆裂都市SOS!, Bakuretsu Toshi Esu Ō Esu!): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  3. Shadow of Red Spade (赤いスペードの影, Akai Supēdo no Kage): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Michio Konishi
  4. Organism Weapon Girl (生体兵器少女, Seitai Heiki Shōjo): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Michio Konishi
  5. Space of One Person (一人ぽっちの宇宙, Hitori Botchi no Uchū): written by Kyoko Sagiyama, directed by Kiyoshi Arai
  6. Track/Truck Mother (トラック母ちゃん, Torakku Kāchan): written by Takashi Yamada, directed by Kiyoshi Arai
  7. Hayato Fugitive Warrant! (隼人 指名手配!, Hayato Shimeitehai!): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  8. Spade Last Maneuvers (スペード最終作戦, Supēdo Saishū Sakusen): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  9. Dangerous Family (危険な家族ごっこ, Kiken na Kazoku Gokko): written by Nobuo Ogizawa, directed by Masao Minowa
  10. Hayato's Longest Day (隼人の一番長い日, Hayato no Ichiban Nagai Hi): written by Naoyuki Sakai, directed by Masao Minowa
  11. Super-High-Speed Robot of Flame (炎の超高速ロボ, Honō no Chō Kōsoku Robo): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Michio Konishi
  12. The Robot Front of Mach (マッハのロボ戦線, Mahha no Robo Sensen): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Michio Konishi
  13. Underworld Fist of Withdrawal! (禁断の地獄拳!, Kindan no Jigoku Ken): written by Takahiko Masuda, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  14. The Return of the Distant Father (遥かなる父の家路, Harukanaru Chichi no Ieji): written by Naoyuki Sakai, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  15. Front Abbreviation Gold and Silver Son (前略金銀息子さま, Zenryaku Kin Gin Musukosama): written by Nobuo Ogizawa, directed by Masao Minowa
  16. Love of Absolute Decease (絶体絶命の愛, Zettai Zetsumei no Ai): written by Takashi Yamada, directed by Masao Minowa
  17. Rescue Cinderella (シンデレラを救え, Shinderera o Sukue): written by Kyoko Sagiyama, directed by Michio Konishi
  18. My Father, the Lying Policeman (パパは嘘つき警官, Papa wa Usotsuki Keikan): written by Mutsumi Nakano, directed by Michio Konishi
  19. The Intruder Who Tears Light (光を破る侵入者, Hikari o Yaburu Shinnyūsha): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  20. The Boundless Friendship (時空を越えた友情, Jikū o Koeta Yūjo): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  21. I Am Saiko (part one) (わたしはサイコI, Watashi wa Saiko Wan): written by Junichi Miyashita and Tatsuoki Hosono, directed by Masao Minowa
  22. I Am Saiko (part two) (わたしはサイコII, Watashi wa Saiko Tsū): written by Junichi Miyashita and Tatsuoki Hosono, directed by Masao Minowa
  23. Seductive Danger (死をよぶ愛の説得, Shi o Yobu Ai no Settoku): written by Nobuo Ogizawa, directed by Michio Konishi
  24. Straying of the Lazy Scar (傷だらけの迷走, Kizudarake no Meisō): written by Mutsumi Nakano, directed by Michio Konishi
  25. Take Off, Super Machine! (発進! 超マシン, Hasshin! Chō Mashin): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  26. Sprint To Tomorrow! (明日への激走!, Ashita e no Gekisō): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  27. Ken's Love Story (拳のラブストーリー, Ken no Rabu Stōrī): written by Naoyuki Sakai, directed by Masao Minowa
  28. Again, Warrior of Light! (光の戦士・再び!, Hikari no Senshi, Futatabi!): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Michio Konishi
  29. Good-bye, Warrior of Light (さらば・光の戦士, Saraba, Hikari no Senshi): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Michio Konishi
  30. Escort Maneuvers (狙われた護送作戦, Nerawareta Gosō Sakusen): written by Takahiko Masuda, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  31. Time Travel Rescue (過去への特救便, Kako e no Tokkyū Bin): written by Naoyuki Sakai, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  32. Kōsaku's Stubborn Father (耕作のガンコ親父, Kōsaku no Ganko Oyaji): written by Nobuo Ogizawa, directed by Masao Minowa
  33. Completion! Battle Dress - Apocalypse of Flame (part one) (完成! 戦闘強化服 (バトルジャケット) 炎の黙示録編I, Kansei! Batoru Jaketto Honō no Mokushirokuhen Wan): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Masao Minowa
  34. The Contract Which Sells Life - Apocalypse of Flame (part two) (生命を売る契約書 炎の黙示録編II, Inochi o Uru Keiyakusho Honō no Mokushirokuhen Tsū): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Masao Minowa
  35. The Invisible Giant (見えない巨人, Mienai Kyojin): written by Nobuo Ogizawa, directed by Michio Konishi
  36. The Captain Betrayed!? (隊長が裏切った!?, Taichō ga Uragitta!?): written by Naoyuki Sakai, directed by Michio Konishi
  37. Blast Running Road of Vengeance (復讐の爆走ロード, Fukushū no Bakusō Rōdo): written by Mutsumi Nakano, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  38. One Even Number Before the Dud and the Exit (不発弾、出前一丁, Fuhatsudan, Demae Itchō): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  39. Fly! White Sphere of Oath (飛べ! 誓いの白球, Tobe! Chikai no Hakkyū): written by Kyoko Sagiyama, directed by Masao Minowa
  40. Death Bomb Punishment Games (死の爆弾罰ゲーム, Shi no Bakudan Batsu Gēmu): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Masao Minowa
  41. Confrontation - Two Ken (対決! ふたりの拳, Taiketsu! Futari no Ken): written by Nobuo Ogizawa, directed by Hidenori Ishida
  42. Special Police Commanded to Impose House Arrest (特捜、謹慎を命ず, Tokusō, Kinshin o Meizu): written by Naoyuki Sakai, directed by Hidenori Ishida
  43. God, Demon and Revelations (神と悪魔と黙示録, Kami to Akuma to Mokushiroku): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Michio Konishi
  44. Christmas Eve of the Final Fight (最終戦争 (ハルマゲドン)の聖夜, Harumagedon no Seiya): written by Junichi Miyashita, directed by Michio Konishi
  45. Death's Snipe Order! (死神の狙撃指令!, Shinigami no Sogeki Shirei): written by Takahiko Masuda, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  46. The Beauty Who Raises the Beast (魔獣を飼う美少女, Majū o Kau Bishōjo): written by Nobuo Ogizawa, directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
  47. Masaki Returns! (正木リターンズ!!, Masaki Ritānzu): written by Junichi Miyashita and Yasuyuki Suzuki, directed by Masao Minowa
  48. Decisive Battle! Last Judgment (決戦! 最後の審判, Kessen! Saigo no Shinpan): written by Junichi Miyashita and Yasuyuki Suzuki, directed by Masao Minowa
  49. Good-bye, Rescue Police (さらば特捜警察 (レスキューポリス), Saraba Resukyū Porisu): written by Junichi Miyashita and Yasuyuki Suzuki, directed by Masao Minowa


  • Hayato Kano (叶 隼人, Kanō Hayato): Shigeki Kagemaru (影丸 茂樹, Kagemaru Shigeki)
  • Kōsaku Muraoka (村岡 耕作, Muraoka Kōsaku): Mamoru Kawai (河井 マモル, Kawai Mamoru)
  • Ken Okuma (大熊 拳, Ōkuma Ken): Iori Sakakibara (榊原 伊織, Sakakibara Iori)
  • Ai Hyuga (日向 愛, Hyūga Ai): Yuri Nakamura (中村 由利, Nakamura Yuri)
  • Masaru Hyuga (日向 勝, Hyūga Masaru): Yūki Nirasaki (韮崎 雄希, Nirasaki Yūki)
  • Jukichi Katsuragi (桂木 重吉, Katsuragi Jūkichi): Toyoto Fukuda (福田 豊土, Fukuda Toyoto)
  • Computer Voice (コンピューターボイス, Konpyūtā Boisu): Kaname Shimura (志村 要, Shimura Kaname)
  • Tetsuo Isshiki (一色 哲夫, Isshiki Tetsuo): Shunsuke Mizoguchi (溝口 舜亮, Mizoguchi Shunsuke)
  • Shunsuke Masaki (正木 俊介, Masaki Shunsuke): Hiroshi Miyauchi (宮内 洋, Miyauchi Hiroshi)
  • David Akiba (デビッド 秋葉, Debiddo Akiba): Shūhei Saga (嵯峨 周平, Saga Shūhei)
  • Carlos Tōgō (カルロス 東郷, Karurosu Tōgō): Kyōji Kamui (神威 狂児, Kamui Kyōji)
  • Mika (美香, Mika): Kayoko Moriyasu (森安 加代子, Moriyasu Kayoko)
  • Iwao Daimon (大門 巌, Daimon Iwao): Yūji Abe (阿倍 祐二, Abe Yūji)
  • Narrator (ナレーター, Narētā, (Episode 1-14): Yoshinari Torii (鳥居賞也, Torii Yoshinari)
  • Narrator (Episode 15-20): Akira Murayama (村山 明, Murayama Akira)
  • Narrator (Episode 21-49)/Ryuichi Takaoka (47 - archive footage): Masaki Terasoma (寺杣 昌紀, Terasoma Masaki)

Guest starsEdit

  • Matsuo Himuro (氷室松男, Himuro Matsuo, Episode 1): Naoya Hayasaka (早坂直家, Hayasaka Naoya)
  • Umeo Himuro (氷室松男, Himuro Umeo, Episode 1): Shinichi Satō (佐藤信一, Satō Shinichi)
  • Takeko Himuro (竹子, Himuro Takeko, Episode 1): Kumiko Imai (今井喜美子, Imai Kumiko)
  • Akane (, Akane, Episode 1): Yuka Koide (小出由華, Koide Yuka)
  • Tsuneo Bando (坂東常夫, Bandō Tsuneo, Episode 2): Taishi Horikoshi (堀越大史, Horikoshi Taishi)
  • Kenzo Kurita (栗田健三, Kurita Kenzō, Episode 3): Yasushi Yamanaka (山中康司, Yamanaka Yasushi)
  • Hideo Kurita (栗田秀夫, Kurita Hideo, Episode 3): Yuichi Komine (小峰 裕一, Komine Yūichi)
  • Bill Iwaki (ビル岩城, Biru Iwaki, Episode 3): Takeshi Ishikawa (石川武, Ishikawa Takeshi)
  • Tashiro (田代, Tashiro, Episode 3): Gen Inayama (稲山玄, Inayama Gen)
  • Mayumi (真弓, Mayumi, Episode 3): Yuki Nishida (西田有希, Nishida Yuki)
  • Hitomi Matsuda (松田ひとみ, Matsuda Hitomi, Episode 4): Shōko Imura (井村翔子, Imura Shōko)
  • Toru Ayabe (綾部亨, Ayabe Tōru, Episode 4): Takao Nakamura (中村孝雄, Nakamura Takao)
  • Fumio Tsuyama (津山文夫, Tsuyama Fumio, Episode 4): Takafumi Moriyama (森山貴文, Moriyama Takafumi)
  • Nishiwaki (西脇, Nishiwaki, Episode 4): Tadashi Takatsuki (高月忠, Takatsuki Tadashi)
  • Red Spade Man (赤いスペードの男, Akai Supēdo no Otoko, Episode 4)/Bunzo Yazaki (矢崎 文三, Yazaki Bunzō, Episode 7)/Katsuhiko Sasamoto (47 - archive footage): Jyunichi Haruta (春田 純一, Haruta Jun'ichi)
  • Lewis Osaki (ルイス大崎, Ruisu Ōsaki, Episode 5): Toshimichi Takahashi (高橋 利道, Takahashi Toshimichi)
  • Tetsuya Mukai (向井テツヤ, Mukai Tetsuya, Episode 5): Riki Gonoue (五野上力, Gonoue Riki)
  • Kunio Kitagawa (北川クニオ, Kitagawa Kunio, Episode 5)/Brian (voice, 47 - archive footage): Atsuo Mori (森篤夫, Mori Atsuo)
  • Radio Waves Institute Director (電波研究所所長, Denpa kenkyūjo shochō, Episode 5): Takeshi Kuwabara (桑原たけし, Kuwabara Takeshi)
  • NASA Observation Satellite Seagull (NASA観測衛星シーガル, Nasa kansoku eisei shīgaru, Episode 5): Akiko Muta (むたあきこ, Muta Akiko)
  • Hidemi Takeuchi (竹内秀美, Takeuchi Hidemi, Episode 6): Atsuko Takahata (高畑淳子, Takahara Atsuko)
  • Kajiyama (梶山, Kajiyama, Episode 6): Akira Nakagawa (中川彰, Nakagawa Akira)
  • Okabe (岡部, Okabe, Episode 6): Ryō Suga (須賀良, Suga Ryō)
  • Hayakawa (早川, Hayakawa, Episode 6): Hiroshi Satō (佐藤裕, Satō Hiroshi)
  • Bunzo Yazaki (Child) (子供時代の矢崎文三, Kodomo jidai no Yazaki Bunzō, Episode 7): Mamoru Miyano (宮野真守, Miyano Mamoru)
  • Seiji Nagai (長井清二, Nagai Seiji, Episode 9): Kenichi Endō (遠藤憲一, Endō Kenichi)
  • Housekeeper Robot (ハウスキーパーロボット, Hausukīpā Robotto, Episode 9)(voice): Atsuko Koganezawa (小金澤篤子, Koganezawa Atsuko)
  • Masahiko Eda (江田正彦, Eda Masahiko, Episode 10): Nobuyuki Kamate (鎌手宣行, Kamate Nobuyuki)
  • Kazuya Nonomura (野々村和也, Nonomura Kazuya, Episode 11): Miku Kuga (野崎海太郎, Kuga Miku)
  • Fumio Tamaki (玉木文夫, Tamaki Fumio, Episode 11): Kaitarō Nozaki (野崎海太郎, Nozaki Kaitarō)
  • Kiyoyasu Fujiō (藤王清安, Fujiō Kiyoyasu, Episode 13): Toshihiko Miki (三木敏彦, Miki Toshihiko)
  • Kogure (木暮, Kogure, Episode 13): Kazutoshi Yokoyama (横山一敏, Yokoyama Kazutoshi)
  • Ryūzō Kudō (工藤留三, Kudō Ryūzō, Episode 14): Yoshizō Yamaguchi (山口嘉三, Yamaguchi Yoshizō)
  • Kinta Maeda (前田金太, Maeda Kinta, Episode 15): Kazuhiro Tsuboi (坪井一広, Tsuboi Kazuhiro)
  • Ginnosuke Maeda (前田銀之介, Maeda Ginnosuke, Episode 15): Shoji Hayashi (林正治, Hayashi Shoji)
  • Maeda Brothers' mother (金銀兄弟の母, Kingin kyōdai no haha, Episode 15): Sayoko Tanimoto (谷本小代子, Tanimoto Sayoko)
  • Shozo Inagaki (稲垣正三, Inagaki Shōzō, Episode 15): Noboru Akima (秋間登, Akima Noboru)
  • Duke (デューク, Dyūku, Episode 16): Kazuhiko Kishino (岸野一彦, Kishino Kazuhiko)
  • Tahei Ōtori (大鳥太平, Ōtori Tahei, Episode 17): Kazuhiko Kobayashi (小林勝彦, Kobayashi Kazuhiko)
  • Prof. Sugihara (杉原博士, Sugihara-Hakase, Episode 17): Fumiaki Sakabe (坂部文昭, Sakabe Fumiaki)
  • Akira Ishizuka (石塚晃, Ishizuka Akira, Episode 17): Maroshi Tamura (田村円, Tamura Maroshi)
  • Mika (ミカ, Mika, Episode 17): Mayumi Andō (麻生真友子, Andō Mayumi)
  • Eiji Sawada (沢田英司, Sawada Eiji, Episode 18): Ryousuke Kaizu (海津亮介, Kaizu Ryōsuke)
  • Takashi Aida (会田タカシ, Aida Takashi, Episode 19): Tsutomu Tsuji (辻つとむ, Tsuji Tsutomu)
  • Susumu Aida (会田ススム, Aida Susumu, Episode 19): Junichi Ogino (荻野純一, Ogino Junichi)
  • 1x1 (Episode 21): Rieko Yoshikawa (吉川理恵子, Yoshikawa Rieko)
  • Ayako Ogawa (小川彩子, Ogawa Ayako, Episode 21): Maha Maruyama (丸山真歩, Maruyama Maha)
  • Kinu Ogawa (小川絹, Ogawa Kinu, Episode 21): Kazuko Honjō (本庄和子, Honjō Kazuko)
  • Dr. Obayashi (大林博士, Ōbayashi-Hakase, Episode 21): Daisuke Odera (小寺大介, Odera Daisuke)
  • Gondō (権藤, Gondō, Episode 21): Kaname Shimura (志村要, Shimura Kaname)
  • Detective Takada (高田刑事, Takada Keiji, Episode 23): Sadao Nagawa (名川貞郎, Nagawa Sadao)
  • Detective Inui (乾刑事, Inui Keiji, Episode 23): Takahiko Ōta (太田貴彦, Ōta Takahiko)
  • Detective Takada (高田刑事, Takada Keiji, Episode 23): Sadao Nagawa (名川貞郎, Nagawa Sadao)
  • Koji Natori (名取浩司, Natori Kōji, Episode 24): Toshihide Wakamatsu (若松俊秀, Wakamatsu Toshihide)
  • Takeshi Morino (森野タケシ, Morino Takeshi, Episode 24): Masayuki Koyama (小山昌幸, Koyama Masayuki)
  • Fumio Takanashi (高梨文夫, Takanashi Fumio, Episode 25): Seiji Shioyama (塩山誠司, Shioyama Seiji)
  • Hologram Girl (ホログラフの少女, Horogurafu Shojo, Episode 25): Nagiko Tono (遠野 なぎこ, Tono Nagiko) (credited as Akimi Aoki (青木秋美, Aoki Akimi))
  • Hiroshi Asakura (朝倉宏, Asakura Hiroshi, Episode 26): Ryosuke Sakamoto (坂元亮介, Sakamoto Ryosuke)
  • Yuichi Asakura (朝倉祐一, Asakura Yuichi, Episode 26): Shota Miyano (宮野翔太, Miyano Shota)
  • Nobuo Atsumari (集信男, Atsumari Noboru, Episode 26): Hirako Hideya (平工秀哉, Hideya Hirako)
  • Agawa (亜川, Agawa, Episode 27): Joji Nakata (中田譲治, Nakata Joji)
  • Mayumi Nanjo (南條真弓, Nanjo Mayumi, Episode 27): Keiko Hayase (早瀬恵子, Hayase Keiko)
  • Dr. Nanjo (南條博士, Nanjo Hakase, Episode 27): Mikio Shimizu (清水幹生, Shimizu Mikio)
  • Keizo Kobari (小針圭三, Kobari Keizo, Episode 29): Norishi Yamada (山田登是, Yamada Norishi)
  • Tamotsu Moriyama (森山保, Moriyama Tamotsu, Episode 30): Touta Tarumi (垂水藤太, Tarumi Tota)
  • Chief Eiichi Kitajima (北島英一署長, Kitajima Eiichi Shocho, Episode 30): Kozo Soma (相馬剛三, Soma Kozo)
  • Kato (加藤, Kato, Episode 30): Peace Hoashi (ピース帆足, Pisu Hoashi)
  • Dr. Natsume (夏目博士, Natsume Hakase, Episode 31): Kenichi Matsuno (松野健一, Matsuno Kenichi)
  • Yuko Natsume (夏目裕子, Natsume Yuko, Episode 31): Kyoko Iguchi (井口恭子, Iguchi Kyoko)
  • Tatsuya Natsume (夏目達也, Natsume Tatsuya, Episode 31): Katsuaki Takahashi (高橋克明, Takahashi Katsuaki)
  • Toichiro Morisaki (森崎東一郎, Morisaki Toichiro, Episode 32): Teppei Takasugi (高杉哲平, Takasugi Teppei)
  • Hikono Morisaki (森崎彦乃, Morisaki Hikono, Episode 32): Akiko Taumi (高杉哲平, Taumi Akiko)
  • Shimizu (清水, Shimizu, Episode 32): Shoichiro Akaboshi (赤星昇一郎, Akaboshi Shoichiro)
  • Hitoshi Yuda (湯田均, Yuda Hitoshi, Episode 33): Kou Takashina (高品剛, Takashina Ko)
  • Hiroyuki Okuda (奥田広行, Okuda Hiroyuki, Episode 35): Takeo Takahara (中原丈雄, Takahara Takeo)
  • Tamotsu Nitta (新田保, Nitta Tamotsu, Episode 35): Shouhei Shibata (柴田翔平, Shibata Shohei)
  • Eiichiro Sorihashi (反橋栄一郎, Sorihachi Eiichiro, Episode 35): Takayuki Sugo (菅生隆之, Sugo Takayuki)
  • Tadao Jinno (陣野忠雄, Jinno Tadao, Episode 36): Yasuyoshi Hara (原康義, Hara Yasuyoshi)
  • Yamazaki (山崎, Yamazaki, Episode 36): Shin Tatsuma (辰馬伸, Tatsuma Shin)
  • Yamaguchi Yoichi (山口洋一, Yamaguchi Yoichi, Episode 37): Takashi Kojima (小島隆史, Kojima Takashi)
  • Dr. Inagaki (稲垣博士, Inagaki Hakase, Episode 37): Shiro Saito (斎藤志郎, Saito Shiro)
  • Saburo Shibata (柴田三郎, Shibata Saburo, Episode 37): Tetsu Masuda (益田てつ, Masuda Tetsu)
  • Shingo Godai (五代作吾, Godai Shingo, Episode 38): Dai Kanai (金井大, Kanai Dai)
  • Taro Ozaki (大崎太郎, Ozaki Taro, Episode 38): Issei Takahashi (高橋一生, Takahashi Issei)
  • Mokichi (茂吉, Mokichi, Episode 38): Eisuke Yoda (依田英助, Eisuke Yoda)
  • Negoro (根来, Negoro, Episode 38): Kozaburo Onogawa (小野川公三郎, Onogawa Kozaburo)
  • Atsuo Yasukawa (安川アツオ, Yasukawa Atsuo, Episode 39): Tetsuji Endo (遠藤哲司), Endo Tetsuji)
  • Jewelry Robbers (宝石強盗犯, Goseki goto-han, Episode 39): Seiji Takaiwa (高岩成二, Takaiwa Seiji), Jiro Okamoto (岡元次郎, Okamoto Jiro)
  • Naoki (ナオキ, Naoki, Episode 39): Hidetaro Moriya (守谷秀太郎, Moriya Hidetaro)
  • Yoichi Kurihara (栗原洋一, Kurihara Yoichi, Episode 39): Akira Otani (大谷朗, Otani Akira)
  • Toru Koide (小出徹, Koide Toru, Episode 40): Kousuke Daigo (醍醐貢介, Daigo Kosuke)
  • Hiroshi Koide (小出弘, Koide Hiroshi, Episode 40): Chiaki Sonobe (園部智秋, Sonobe Chiaki)
  • Tsuneo Inui (乾ツネオ, Inui Tsuneo, Episode 40): Hideki Ishida (石田英樹, Ishida Hideki)
  • Takeshi Kuroda (黒田タケシ, Kuroda Takeshi, Episode 40): Ken Musashi (武蔵拳, Musashi Ken)
  • Hiroshi's Teacher (弘の担任, Hiroshi no Tan'nin, Episode 40): Daisuke Tachi (舘大介, Tachi Daisuke)
  • Kamezo Shimizu (清水亀造, Shimizu Kamezo, Episode 41): Shotaro Tanaka (田中正太郎, Tanaka Shotaro)
  • Tsurukichi Shimizu (清水鶴吉, Shimizu Tsurukichi, Episode 41): Toshi (斗志, Toshi)
  • Death Dealers (死の商人, Shi no Shonin, Episode 41): Eiichi Kikuchi (きくち英一, Kikuchi Eiichi), Toshimichi Takahashi
  • Ryozo Kojima (小島涼三, Kojima Ryozo, Episode 42): Shinzo Hotta (堀田真三, Hotta Shinzo)
  • Long Longyun (龍龍雲, Ryu Ryuun, Episode 42): Iwao Dan (団巌, Dan Iwao)
  • Sayaka Kawamura (川村さやか, Kawamura Sayaka, Episode 43): Miki Fujita (藤田美紀, Fujita Miki)
  • Harada (原田, Harada, Episode 45): Susumu Kurobe (黒部進, Kurobe Susumu)
  • Fumio Muraoka (村岡文雄, Muraoka Fumio, Episode 45): Tokuju Masuda (桝田徳寿, Masuda Tokuju)
  • Keiko Honda (本田恵子, Honda Keiko, Episode 46): Mami Nishiwaki (西脇マミ, Nishiwaki Mami)
  • Yumiko Honda (本田弓子, Honda Yumiko, Episode 46): Seiko Fujiki (藤木聖子, Fujiki Seiko)
  • Shiraishi (白石, Shiraishi, Episode 46): Kazuaki Ito (伊藤和晃, Ito Kazuaki)
  • Silkhat Old Gentleman (シルクハットの老紳士, Shirukuhatto no rō shinshi, Episode 48): Toshiyuki Kikuchi (菊地寿幸, Kikuchi Toshiyuki)


  • Created by Saburō Yatsude
  • Scripts: Junichi Miyashita, Tatsuoki Hosono, Yasuyuki Suzuki, Takashi Yamada, Naoyuki Sakai, Nobuo Ōgizawa, Takahiko Masuda, Mutsumi Nakano, Kyōko Sagiyama
  • Original Music by Kaoru Mizuki
  • Photography: Susumu Seo, Takakazu Koizumi
  • Assistant Directors: Hidenori Ishida, Masashi Taniguchi, Kenji Koyama
  • Action directors: Junji Yamaoka, Jun Murakami
  • Special effects director: Nobuo Yajima
  • Produced by Kyōzō Utsunomiya, Atsushi Kaji (TV Asahi), Nagafumi Hori (Toei)
  • Directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura, Michio Konishi, Kiyoshi Arai, Masao Minowa, Hidenori Ishida
  • Production: TV Asahi, ASATSU, Toei


Opening theme
  • "Tokusō Exceedraft" (特捜エクシードラフト, Tokusō Ekushīdorafuto)
    • Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa (山川 啓介, Yamakawa Keisuke)
    • Composition: Kisaburō Suzuki (鈴木 キサブロー, Suzuki Kisaburō)
    • Arrangement: Tatsumi Yano (矢野 立美, Yano Tatsumi)
    • Artist: Takayuki Miyauchi (宮内 タカユキ, Miyauchi Takayuki)
Ending theme
  • "Goal wa Mirai" (ゴールは未来, Gōru wa Mirai, "The Goal is the Future")
    • Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
    • Composition: Kisaburō Suzuki
    • Arrangement: Tatsumi Yano
    • Artist: Takayuki Miyauchi


  1. ^ His name "Daimon" comes from Demon

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