Blue SWAT (ブルースワット, Burū Suwatto) is the thirteenth installment in the Metal Hero Series franchise. It ran from January 30, 1994 to January 27, 1995 for a total of 51 episodes and one theatrical film, aired as part of the 1994 Manga Matsuri, which compiled episodes 1 and 2. Blue SWAT deviated from the Metal Hero trend by using a realistic vibe for the series instead of fantastic, over-the-top action by focusing on the martial arts and gunplay aspects of the series. While the mood of the series appealed to the genre's adult fanbase and older viewers, the show was not well received by children, which resulted in a change into a lighter tone midway through the series. The Blue SWAT team later appeared for a special team-up in the final episodes of Juukou B-Fighter.

Superhero fiction
Mystery fiction
Science fiction
Written byJun'ichi Miyashita
Nobuwo Oogizawa
Kyōko Sagiyama
Hirohisa Soda
Yasuko Kobayashi
Akira Asaka
Mutsumi Nakano
Naoyuki Sakai
Yasuyuki Suzuki
Takahiko Masuda
Shozo Uehara
Kazuhiro Inoue
Ryu Arakawa
Directed byMakoto Tsuji
Michio Konishi
Kaneharu Mitsumura
Masao Minowa
Hidenori Ishida
Itaru Orita
StarringSouji Masaki
Yuka Shiratori
Kou Domon
Narrated byTsutomu Tareki
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes51
Running time30 minutes (per episode)
Original networkTV Asahi
Original releaseJanuary 30, 1994 –
January 27, 1995
Preceded byTokusou Robo Janperson
Followed byJuukou B-Fighter


When Earth is tearing itself apart by means of crime, pollution and war, aliens choose the time to invade, taking advantage of the lowering of everyone's guard. The Japanese government establishes an elite police organization known as Blue SWAT to combat the aliens, known as the Space Mafia. The aliens attack by possessing humans to obtain their goals. When an alien possesses the chief of the Blue SWAT unit to infiltrate the organization, it manages to completely demolish their building of operations and murder all but three SWAT members; Sho, Sara and Sig.

Managing to keep the suits and equipment assigned to them, the three form their own private detective-like agency called Blue Research to continue their mission of defeating the Space Mafia. Now working on their own, their battle with the Space Mafia is only beginning...


Main cast of Blue SWAT. From left to right: Sumire, Sig, Sho, Sara and Seiji.

Blue SWAT/Blue ResearchEdit

  • Sho Narumi (鳴海 翔/ショウ, Narumi Shō): The hot-shot leader of the team in metallic blue armor with blue patches, Sho tends to goof off and act on his own. His Blue SWAT officer number is 153. Upon obtaining the DrumGunner from Gold-Platinum, he is upgraded to Hyper Sho.
  • Sara Misugi (美杉 沙羅/サラ, Misugi Sara): The no-nonsense, second-in-command, female member in metallic purple armor with red patches and officer number 077, Sara was a member of the L.A.P.D. before having lost her partner in an incident which she still is deeply bothered by. She demonstrates levelheadedness and often helps to keep Sho in check, and is highly skilled in combat.
  • Sig (シグ, Shigu): The third-in-command in gunmetal-grey armor with yellow patches, ID number 011, a calm and intelligent telepath. After being wounded and showing green blood in a battle with an Alien, he reveals that he was part of the Space S.W.A.T., and an alien from a planet devastated by the Space Mafia. He came to Earth and possessed the cadaver of Gou Hirose (広瀬 剛, Hirose Gō), a brain-dead organ donor involved in a traffic accident, in order to survive on the planet and fight the Space Mafia. Although his identity as an Alien originally results in suspicion from Sho and Sara, he quickly earns their trust. In a twist of events, Gou had a son named Zaji who, comatose after being involved in the same accident as Gou, is being possessed by a member of the Space Mafia named Jisp. Sig is, in truth, 800 Earth years old.
  • Seiji Usami (宇佐美 星児/セイジ, Usami Seiji): A computer nerd who assists the Blue SWAT in their Blue Research group after he was saved by them. He had originally been listening in on the Blue SWAT headquarters, and quickly contacted the three survivors after their base was destroyed. After they saved him from an Alien which had possessed his boss, he began working with them as their analyst and guide for missions.
  • Sumire Asou (麻生 すみれ/スミレ, Asō Sumire): A loudmouth who joins Blue Research as their secretary. She is the only one not initially aware of her employers' role as Blue S.W.A.T.
  • Gold-Platinum (ゴールドプラチナム, Gōrudo Purachinamu): A friendly alien who appears late into the series. After giving Sho a special weapon that allows him to upgrade into "Hyper Sho", he becomes a member of the team.

Space MafiaEdit

An intergalactic crime syndicate of alien invaders. These beings are able to possess or "invade" human beings by force. By doing so, they are able to make quick escapes from host-to-host.

  • Mademoiselle Q/Queen (マドモアゼル・Q/クイーン, Madomoazeru Kyū/Kuīn): A female villain with a "drag-queen" humanoid form and a monstrous bird-like winged form. Queen was later revived during the B-Fighter finale by Jagul, who used her as a pawn before absorbing Queen into her body.


Two monsters appeared in Jukkou B-Fighter episodes 52 and 53, Some were absorbed by Jagul.


  • BW-01 Dictator (BW-01 ディクテイター, Bī Daburyū Zero Wan Dikuteitā) : The standard firearm of each Blue S.W.A.T. member, the Dictator is a semi/auto pistol which is able to be freely switched between the two modes.
  • BW-02 Plugloada (BW-02 プラグローダ, Bī Daburyū Zero Tsū Puragurōda): Cannon weapon which can be mounted on the Interceptors.
  • DrumGunner (ドラムガンナー, Doramugannā): A special weapon provided to Sho by Gold-Platinum. It allows Sho to upgrade his armor to "Hyper Sho." Can be combined with his Dictator for a finishing attack.
  • Missile Launcher (ミサイルランチャー, Misairu Ranchā): A heavy-duty rocket launcher which is used against the Aliens.
  • Laser Rifle (レーザーライフル, Rēzā Raifuru): A large laser cannon weapon.


  • CV-01 Striker (CV-01 ストライカー, Shī Bui Zero Wan Sutoraikā): An Autozam AZ-1, equipped with a large-capacity computer, a gas turbin engine and a built-in strategic system. The Blue SWAT's armored patrol car, driven by Sho. Later on in the series gets destroyed and then repaired and renamed the Blue Striker (ブルーストライカー, Burū Sutoraikā).
  • CV-02 Interceptor (CV-02 インターセプター, Shī Bui Zero Tsū Intāseputā) High speed pursuit motorcycles, ridden by Sig and Sara.
  • Governor (ガバナー, Gabanā): A Chevrolet Van driven by Seiji. It has various computers which that allow to communicate and to transmit and receive information to the Blue SWAT personnel. It can analyze the whereabouts of hidden enemies and also access to the satellite SS17.
  • SS17 (エスエスセブンティーン, Esuesu sebuntīn): Blue SWAT's recon satellites. It plays an effective role in reconnaissance and tracking from space. Is equipped with a laser cannon, a radar and an electromagnetic wave-absorbing barrier.
  • Star Fortress (スターフォートレス, Sutāfōtoresu): Gold Platinum's Dimension moving-fortress.
  • Pulsar Pod (パルサーポッド, Parusāpoddo): A re-entry capsule used when Gold Platinum descended to Earth. Is launched from the Star Fortress.


  1. Beginning!! (ビギニング!!, Biginingu!!)
  2. Lonely Battle (ロンリーバトル, Ronrī Batoru)
  3. Invade!! (インヴェード!!, Invēdo!!)
  4. Getaway!! (ゲッタウェイ!!, Gettawei!!)
  5. The Rival!! (ザ・ライバル!!, Za Raibaru!!)
  6. One Chance!! (ワンチャンス!!, Wan Chansu!!)
  7. Scoop!! (スクープ!!, Skūpu!!)
  8. E.T., Baby (E.Tベイビィ, Ī Tī Beibı)
  9. Pretty Girl (プリティーガール, Puritī Gāru)
  10. The Mission (ザ・ミッション, Za Misshion)
  11. Yesterday... (イエスタディ..., Iesutadi...)
  12. Goodbye... (グッドバイ..., Guddobai...)
  13. Death Trap (デス・トラップ, Desu Torappu)
  14. The Villainous Star is Born (極悪スター誕生, Gokuaku Sutā Tanjō)
  15. The Aggressive CM: Great Broadcast (侵略CM大放送, Shinryaku Shī Emu Dai Hōsō)
  16. Duel!! Assassin Car (激突!! 暗殺カー, Gekitotsu! Ansatsu Kā)
  17. The Goofy New Members (ズッコケ新隊員, Zukkoke Shin Taīn)
  18. The Robbers are the Heroes!! (強盗犯は英雄 (ヒーロー)!!, Gōtōhan wa Hīrō!!)
  19. The Demon Kid's Identity!! (魔少年 (デーモンキッド)の正体!!, Dēmonkiddo no Shōtai!!)
  20. Sig: The Impact of the Past (シグ衝撃の過去, Shigu Shōgeki no Kako)
  21. The Assaulting Old Man's Soul (突撃爺ちゃん魂, Totsugeki Jī-chan Tamashī)
  22. Sig Bids Farewell!? (シグよ さらば!?, Shigu yo Saraba!?)
  23. The Super Dimensional New Warriors (超時空の新戦士, Chō Jikū no Shin Senshi)
  24. Zero Seconds Before the Earth Conquest (地球征服0秒前, Chikyū Seifuku Zero Byō Mae)
  25. The Detectives' Uneven Procedure (進め凸凹探偵団, Susume Ōtotsu Tanteidan)
  26. A True Theory: Taro Urashima (真説・浦島太郎, Shinsetsu Urashima Tarō)
  27. The Blue SWAT Striking by Mistake!! (BS (ブルースワット)同士討ち!!, Burū Suwatto Dōshiuchi!!)
  28. Ah, Uncertainly Motherly Life (あぁ無常 母の命, Ā Mujō Haha no Inochi)
  29. Summer Vacation Demon Extermination (夏休み悪霊退治, Natsuyasumi Akuryō Taiji)
  30. Farewell!! Demon Kid (さらば!! 魔少年 (デーモンキッド), Saraba!! Dēmonkiddo)
  31. Alien's Innocence... (異星人 (エイリアン) 純情す..., Eirian Junjōsu...)
  32. Miserable Show: Bomb Victim (無残ショウ爆死, Muzan Shō Bakushi)
  33. Completed!! The Strongest Gun (DrumGun Fire) (完成!! 最強銃(ドラムガンファイヤー), Kansei!! Saikyō Kū (Doramugan Faiyā))
  34. Nefarious!! Fake Blue SWAT (極悪!! にせBS (ブルースワット), Gokuaku!! Nise Burū Suwatto)
  35. The Galactic Wolf: The Flaming Iron Fists (銀河 (ウルフ)炎の鉄拳, Ginga Urufu Honō no Tekken)
  36. My Derailed Confidential Directive (脱線僕の㊙指令, Dassen Boku no Maruhi Shirei)
  37. The Queen's Declaration of War (女王 (クイーン)の宣戦布告, Kuīn no Sensen Fukoku)
  38. Gold Platinum: Obliteration Command! (GP (ゴールドプラチナム)抹殺指令, Gōrudo Purachinamu Massatsu Shirei)
  39. The Space Beast: The Shout of the Life (宇宙獣 命の絶叫, Uchū Jū Inochi no Zekkyō)
  40. People Sends the Trap to the Queen (女王 (クイーン)に罠を張れ, Kuīn ni Wana o Hare)
  41. Invasion!! Murderous Insect (襲来!! 殺人昆虫, Shūrai!! Satsujin Konchū)
  42. The Messiah is a Demon!! (救世主は悪魔!!, Kyūseishu wa Akuma!!)
  43. Blue SWAT's Final Day (BS (ブルースワット)最期の日, Burū Suwatto Saigo no Hi)
  44. The Cyber Warrior of the Carious Tooth (虫歯の電脳戦士, Mushiba no Dennō Senshi)
  45. The Targeted Bodies! (狙われた肉体 (ボディ), Nerawareta Bodi!)
  46. Gold Platinum: Combat Impossible! (GP (ゴールドプラチナム)戦闘不能!, Gōrudo Purachinamu Sentō Funō!)
  47. Uncovered! The Confidential Program Document (暴け! ㊙計画書, Abake!! Maruhi Kaikakusho)
  48. Rebellion! I'm the King (反逆! 俺が (キング), Hangyaku! Ore ga Kingu da)
  49. Showdown! The End of the King (決戦! (キング)の最後, Kessen! Kingu no Saigo)
  50. Great Duel: Is it Life or Death? (大激突 生か死か, Dai Gekitotsu Ikashika)
  51. Goodbye, Blue SWAT (グッバイ BS (ブルースワット), Gubbai Burū Suwatto)


  • Blue SWAT: The Movie (A compilation of the first two episodes)
  • Toei Hero Daishugō
  • Juukou B-Fighter episodes 52 and 53


  • Show Narumi: Souji Masaki (正木 蒼二, Masaki Sōji)
  • Sara Misugi: Yuka Shiratori (白鳥 由夏, Shiratori Yuka)
  • Sig/Go Hirose: Kou Domon (土門 廣, Domon Kō)
  • Sumire Asou: Chiko Kanseki (干潟 智子, Kanseki Chiko)
  • Seiji Usami: Yuuki Tanaka (田中 優樹, Tanaka Yūki)
  • Chief Fuwa: Yoshizou Yamaguchi (山口 嘉三, Yamaguchi Yoshizō)
  • Gold-Platinum (Voice): Masaki Terasoma (てらそま 昌紀, Terasoma Masaki)
  • Jisp (Voice): Yuuichirou Komine (小峰 裕一朗, Komine Yūichirō) (played as Yuuichi Komine (小峰 裕一, Komine Yūichi)
  • Mash J: Ryuuji Kasahara (笠原 竜司, Kasahara Ryūji)
  • Zodor: Shin'ichi Satou (佐藤 信一, Satō Shin'ichi)
  • Reeka: Shin'yuki Nagai (中井 信之, Nagai Shin'yuki)
  • Yanimi: Sachiko Kokuri (小栗 さちこ, Kokuri Sachiko)
  • Mademoiselle Q/Queen: Miyuki Nagato (長門 美雪, Nagato Miyuki) (as 長門 美由樹)
  • Narrator: Tsutomu Tareki (垂木 勉, Tareki Tsutomu)


Opening themeEdit

Ending themeEdit

    • Lyrics and composition: Kaoru Itō
    • Arrangement: Osamu Totsuya
    • Artist: Tatsuya Maeda

Big Bad BeetleborgsEdit

Mademoiselle Q/Queen made an appearance in the episode "Convention Dimension" in Big Bad Beetleborgs as Wingar.

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