Tohma Canyon

Tohma Canyon (Turkish: Tohma Kanyonu) is a canyon at Darende district of Malatya Province in eastern Turkey.[1]

Tohma Canyon
Tohma Kanyonu
Tojma Canyon and Tohma Creek
Tohma Canyon is located in Turkey
Tohma Canyon
Tohma Canyon
Location of the canyon in Turkey.
LocationDarende, Malatya Province, Turkey
Coordinates38°34′09″N 37°29′35″E / 38.56907°N 37.49311°E / 38.56907; 37.49311Coordinates: 38°34′09″N 37°29′35″E / 38.56907°N 37.49311°E / 38.56907; 37.49311
RiversTohma Creek
Tohma Canyon

Vegetation in the canyon consists of cypress, sycamore, willow and fig trees. Timber footbridges, small waterfalls, water wheels, trecking paths and tea gardens make the canyon a tourist attraction.[1]


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