Today You Die

Today You Die is a 2005 American action film directed by Don E. Fauntleroy, and produced by Steven Seagal, who also starred in the lead role. The film also co-stars Treach, Sarah Buxton, Mari Morrow, Nick Mancuso and Robert Miano. The film was released on direct-to-DVD in the United States on September 13, 2005.

Today You Die
Todayyoudie dvd.jpg
DVD cover
Directed byDon E. Fauntleroy
Produced byRandall Emmett
George Furla
Danny Lerner
Steven Seagal
Written byKevin Moore
Story byDanny Lerner
StarringSteven Seagal
Sarah Buxton
Mari Morrow
Nick Mancuso
Robert Miano
Music bySteve Edwards
CinematographyDon E. Fauntleroy
Edited byRobert Ferretti
Distributed bySony Pictures Home Entertainment
Release date
  • September 13, 2005 (2005-09-13)
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited States


Harlan Banks (Steven Seagal) is a Robin Hood-esque thief who has always picked his own jobs and tried to pull heists that would leave him room to help out others. The work keeps getting riskier, and at the urging of his girlfriend Jada (Mari Morrow), Banks has decided to pull one final job, going in with some men who are planning a $20 million robbery.

After the heist goes bad, Banks heads to Las Vegas, where Jada wants him to get a real job. On the way to town, Banks and Jada passed a children's hospital displaying a going out of business sign. Banks gets a job driving an armored car for a man, Max (Kevin Tighe). The job is not exactly legitimate, and Bruno (Robert Miano), Banks' partner for the job, shoots a security guard, resulting in a chase through the Vegas strip in the armored van.

However, Banks is stopped and sent to prison, where he befriends an inmate known as Ice Kool (Treach). With Ice's help, Banks escapes, determined to hunt Max down. Along the way, Banks meets a federal agent named Saunders (Nick Mancuso), and it turns out that Saunders, who is in league with Max, is the man behind the setup. So Banks sets out to take down both Saunders and Max with a job.


  • Sarah Buxton as Agent Rachel Knowles
  • Steven Seagal as Harlan Banks
  • Treach as Ice Kool
  • Mari Morrow as Jada
  • Nick Mancuso as Agent Saunders
  • Robert Miano as Bruno
  • Kevin Tighe as Max
  • Jamie McShane as Vincent
  • Lawrence Turner as Garret
  • Brett Rice as Taggert
  • Mitch Laue as the UNC-Wilmington legend
  • Lance J. Mancuso as Casino Guard
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Little Girl
  • Elayn J. Taylor as Old Tarot Reader
  • Hawthorne James as Derrick
  • David Fryberger as Cop
  • Morann Peri as Cop Partner
  • John Gulino as Marshall
  • Smalls as Dinky-D
  • Darren Ting as Ming Lee
  • John Wister as Rusty
  • Lesley-Anne Down as Bank Manager
  • J. Anthony Pena as Hispanic
  • Lisa Guerrero as Reporter
  • Brian Jay as Bartender
  • Jerry Trimble as Garret's Gang #1
  • J.J. Perry as Thug
  • Les Weldon as Helicopter Pilot
  • Randy Couture as Vincent's Bodyguard #1 (uncredited)


It is set and filmed at Sofia, Bulgaria and Las Vegas, Nevada in 56 days on October 4 and November 29, 2004.

Legal troublesEdit

The producers of Today You Die filed lawsuits against Seagal because of experiences during the filming. Producers at Nu Image and Kill Master Productions alleged that Seagal, while filming this and Mercenary for Justice, arrived at the set late, left early, and re-wrote scripts without their permission, among other things. However, Seagal disputed the suit, and he countersued against producers, claiming fraud and breach of contract. As of January 2006, it appears the legal issues had not been resolved.

Home mediaEdit

The DVD of the film was released in Region 1 in the United States on September 13, 2005, and also Region 2 in the United Kingdom on 10 July 2006. It was distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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