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Lucie Miller / To the Death (audio drama)

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Lucie Miller & To the Death are a two part audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. This audio drama was produced by Big Finish Productions.

Lucie Miller / To the Death
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series Doctor Who
Range Eighth Doctor Adventures
Release no. 4.09
Featuring Eighth Doctor
Lucie Miller
Tamsin Drew
Susan Foreman
The Monk
Written by Nicholas Briggs
Directed by Nicholas Briggs
Executive producer(s) Nicholas Briggs
Production code BFPDWCDMG033
Release date February 2011
March 2011


Lucie MillerEdit

While travelling in Asia with Alex, Lucie Miller falls ill. A plague is sweeping across the world, and she is one of the few to survive it. Alex's mother, Susan, realizes that this is the first strike in the second Dalek Invasion of Earth. Once more, humanity will spend years under their rule.

The human survivors are waiting for the Doctor to save them, after Lucie uses the interocitor to send him an appeal for help. Lucie has been seriously injured, perhaps fatally, by the disease introduced by the Daleks. Susan and her son Alex, being aliens, prove to be immune.

The Doctor discovers that the Meddling Monk (previously encountered in The Book of Kells and The Time Meddler) has meddled with history, reversing the Dalek defeat seen in the 1964 television serial The Dalek Invasion of Earth, by acting as the Daleks' technical advisor on their second invasion. And in return for his time meddling services, the Daleks are helping the Monk to loot Earth of its greatest art treasures. Tamsin Drew is with him, helping to catalogue the art treasures, having been told the Daleks are medical missionaries.

The Monk hands the Doctor over to the Daleks. However while the Saucer is flying to America where the Dalek Time Controller is based it is hit by a torpedo from a rebel submarine containing Lucie, Susan, and Alex; they realize too late the Doctor is on the Saucer.

To the DeathEdit

The Daleks have successfully conquered the Earth, just a few short decades after their last occupation. The Doctor, his granddaughter, her son, Lucie Miller, Tamsin Drew and the Meddling Monk make their final stand.

The Doctor is recovered from the destroyed Saucer but remains unconscious. Susan uses her TARDIS Key to find the TARDIS, which is with the Monk. She takes the Doctor inside, causing him to recover. They find the Monk has a powerful bomb with him as insurance. The Doctor wants to travel to the future and destroy the Dalek Time Controller after their previous encounter to prevent these events occurring, but is stopped by the others, who want to use the bomb now.

However the Daleks then attack the Museum and Tamsin is killed by the Daleks, greatly upsetting the Monk. The Doctor is captured and taken to the Dalek Time Controller, who was hurled back in time by the explosion the Sixth Doctor apparently destroyed him with, and repaired by the Monk. The Time Controller reveals the Daleks are planning to have the Earth travel through time and take the Amethyst Viruses from where they were scattered to, becoming a plague planet which will be used to wipe out other worlds. Alex Campbell is killed by the Daleks, however in the process their Magna-Clamp is destroyed. Lucie Miller pilots a Dalek Saucer containing the bomb into their mines. She is killed in the explosion, which destroys the Daleks. Susan and the Doctor are saved by the Monk but the Doctor refuses to forgive him for helping the Daleks, forcing him to reveal to Susan he spread the plague. The Monk also reveals he caused the Doctor to arrive late and leaves sadly. The Doctor then leaves himself, Susan hoping he will recover.



Lucie Miller was broadcast on digital radio station BBC Radio 4 Extra on 17 Jan 2013 as a single hour-long episode.[1][2]

To the Death was broadcast on digital radio station BBC Radio 4 Extra on 18 Jan 2013 as a single hour-long episode.[3][4]


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