Flip Jackson

Philippa "Flip" Jackson is a fictional character played by Lisa Greenwood in a series of audio plays produced by Big Finish Productions based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. She is a companion of the Sixth Doctor.

Flip Jackson
Doctor Who character
First appearanceThe Crimes of Thomas Brewster
Portrayed byLisa Greenwood (voice)
In-universe information
AffiliationSixth Doctor
Home era2010

Character historyEdit

The character first appears in The Crimes of Thomas Brewster, where she, alongside her boyfriend Jared Ramon, is transported from modern day London to a sentient planet called Symbios on a tube train which passes through a temporal breach. There, Flip and Jared meet the Sixth Doctor and his then-companion Evelyn Smythe, who return them to Earth.[1]

Flip returns in The Curse of Davros where, journeying home on a night bus, she and Jared witness the crash of a Dalek scout ship. Investigating, they find the Sixth Doctor, whose mind he was forced to swap with that of Davros to thwart a Dalek attempt to alter the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo on 18 June 1815. Despite the fact that the Doctor was in Davros' body, Flip nevertheless recognised the Doctor's good nature from her past meeting with him. During this encounter, Jared's mind is swapped with that of a Dalek. After helping the Doctor to stop Davros from changing the outcome of the battle, and having the Doctor and Jared's minds returned to their respective bodies, she turns down the offer to return to the present with Jared in favour of joining the Doctor on his travels.[2]

After a series of travels in the TARDIS, her time with the Doctor comes to an end in Scavenger, when she becomes separated from the Doctor in Earth orbit in 2071, and almost becomes host to a piece of alien space debris named "Scavenger". After teleporting from its grasp with seconds before her absorption, she is trapped floating in space. Realising she is running out of oxygen, she records a message for the Doctor and uses her spacesuit thrusters to propel herself towards Earth, to either await rescue or die in the attempt.[3]

Flip's fate would be later revealed in The Widow's Assassin, when the Doctor met an older version of Peri Brown on the planet Krontep. The Doctor mentioned Flip to Peri, and when Peri asked about Filp's fate, he told of her fall to Earth, but revealed that he'd used the TARDIS to slow her descent to a few hundred metres, thus saving her. He then further revealed that he'd received an invitation for her and Jared's wedding, implying that he had returned her to her native time. The Doctor invited Peri to attend the wedding with him, but she declined.[4]

Stage Fright, one of the audio stories in the audio anthology The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure, takes place prior to Flip's departure in Scavenger and has the Doctor and Flip visiting Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot in Victorian London, where they explore a theatrical performance that includes scenes of the Doctor's past regenerations on stage, which turns out to be a plan by the Valeyard to lure the Doctor and attempt to rejuvenate himself with the Doctor's darkest thoughts. Flip successfully saved the Doctor and in turn overcame her stage fright (due to having frozen on-stage during a school play after never having learned her lines) by performing nursery rhymes on-stage.[5]

Lisa Greenwood reprises the role as Flip in Quicksilver, where after her initial departure Flip rejoins the Sixth Doctor and his new companion Constance Clarke for further adventures, after she is drawn to 1948 by a group of aliens who attempt to use her as a hostage against the Doctor.

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