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Doctor Who: Classic Doctors, New Monsters

Classic Doctors, New Monsters is an audio play series from Big Finish Productions based on the television series Doctor Who. [1] The stories feature incarnations of the Doctor from the classic era, facing enemies introduced in the revived series (2005 onward).



Volume 1 (2016)Edit

No.TitleDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"Fallen Angels"Barnaby EdwardsPhil MulryneFifthWeeping AngelsJuly 2016 (2016-07)
The Fifth Doctor, allied with a pair of teachers who were originally on their honeymoon in 2016, must save Michaelangelo from the Order of the Angels in the fifteenth century.
2"Judoon in Chains"Barnaby EdwardsSimon Barnard and Paul MorrisSixthJudoonJuly 2016 (2016-07)
The Sixth Doctor defends Captain Kybo of the Judoon on charges of desertion in a Victorian-era courthouse.
3"Harvest of the Sycorax"Barnaby EdwardsJames GossSeventhSycoraxJuly 2016 (2016-07)
The Seventh Doctor and his new allies fight to prevent the Sycorax taking control of a space station that has access to blood samples from the entire human race.
4"The Sontaran Ordeal"Barnaby EdwardsAndrew SmithEighthSontaransJuly 2016 (2016-07)
When a planet's history is corrupted by the Time War, the Eighth Doctor must stop the Sontarans from mounting an invasion of a decimated world.

Volume 2 (2017)Edit

No.TitleDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingReleased
1"Night of the Vashta Nerada"Barnaby EdwardsJohn DorneyFourthVashta NeradaJuly 2017 (2017-07)
Seeking a holiday after the departure of his last companion, the Fourth Doctor visits the planet-sized theme park Funworld, but discovers that its first visitors are under threat from the local Vashta Nerada.
2"Empire of the Racnoss"Barnaby EdwardsScott HandcockFifthRacnossJuly 2017 (2017-07)
The Fifth Doctor is drawn into the distant past and becomes caught up in the war against the Racnoss.
3"The Carrionite Curse"Barnaby EdwardsSimon GuerrierSixthCarrionitesJuly 2017 (2017-07)
A visit to a seemingly peaceful village in the 1980s pits the Sixth Doctor against the Carrionites.
4"Day of the Vashta Nerada"Barnaby EdwardsMatt FittonEighthVashta NeradaJuly 2017 (2017-07)
A Time Lord experiment to weaponise the Vashta Nerada goes horribly wrong, and the Eighth Doctor races against time to save whatever survivors he can find.
The series has featured the Weeping Angels, Judoon, Sycorax, Sontarans, Racnoss and Carrionite. Not shown are the Vashta Nerada


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