Ian Potter (writer)

Ian Potter (born 1968 in Liverpool) is a UK-based writer and broadcaster, best known for a series of short stories in the Big Finish Short Trips Doctor Who fiction range. He has also written for the BBC Radio 4 series Front Row, The Way It Is and Week Ending.


Until September 2006 Potter was a television curator at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television.

In television production he worked on Ads Infinitum for BBC Two, Trust Me I'm A Celebrity for BBC One, and Up Late for BBC Choice

As a sound designer for the company Big Finish Productions he worked on the Doctor Who releases The Time of the Daleks, The Wormery and Unregenerate!; and the Judge Dredd releases Get Karter! and Grud is Dead. As a writer for the company he contributed the script "The Pelage Project" to the mini-series Counter-Measures and The Revenants, The Alchemists and The Sleeping City[1] for the Companion Chronicles range. He will be writing for the forthcoming Early Adventures range, contributing a First Doctor story entitled The Bounty of Ceres.[2]

His short stories have featured in the collections Short Trips: Zodiac, Short Trips: Companions, Short Trips: The Muses, Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury, Short Trips: Farewells, The Panda Book of Horror and A Romance in Twelve Parts.

He wrote the radio programme No Tomatoes in 2007, a short-lived sketch show in which he also performed.[3]

In 2008 he wrote the television history book The Rise and Rise of The Independents for Guerilla Books.

In 2009 he had two documentaries and a play produced for BBC Radio 4 in 2009. Bill Mitchell: The Man Who Wrestled Pumas... Probably, In Search of the Wantley Dragon and Anti-Maccassars and Ylang Ylang Conditioner. He stood in for three weeks as presenter of BBC Radio 7's "The Comedy Club"; and contributed to the Radio 4 Archive on 4 profile of actor and writer Ken Campbell.

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