The Rise and Fall of Qing Dynasty

The Rise and Fall of Qing Dynasty is a long-running four part television series about the history of the Qing dynasty. The series was produced by Hong Kong's ATV and was aired on ATV Home from September 1987 to May 1992.[1]

The Rise and Fall of Qing Dynasty
GenreHistorical drama
Written byHui Man-ho
Cheuk Yat-choi
Lee Ngoi-kwan
Ng Siu-tung
Tam Kam-wah
Lee Tze-hing
Wan Hak-kei
Yau Fuk-hing
Tang Ming-lan
Directed byYeung Ho-wan
Wong Wai-yip
Hui Mei-kwan
Lui Sui-lun
Chu Yik-lung
Kwong Yip-sang
Keung Ming-hoi
Chow Wah-yu
Lo Ting
Cheung Kin-wai
Wu King-wai
Leung Yan-chuen
Yuen Wai-yee
Ng Yiu-kuen
Wong Chun-man
Yeung Chi-kin
Mak Tin-bong
Ng Chi-kuen
StarringWong Wai
Pat Poon
Lee Ching-san
Jason Pai
Wai Lit
Wong Yuen-sun
Wong Yue
Lo Chun-shun
Leung Si-ho
Kent Tong
Yim Chau-wah
Theme music composerKwan Sing-yau
Tsui Yat-kan
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageCantonese
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes68 (Season 1)
50 (Season 2)
20 (Season 3)
24 (Season 4)
ProducersYeung Kam-chuen
Chow Wah-yu
Lung Siu-kei
Production locationHong Kong
Running time45 minutes per episode
Production companyATV
Original networkATV Home
Original releaseSeptember 7, 1987 (1987-09-07) –
May 22, 1992 (1992-05-22)
The Rise and Fall of Qing Dynasty
Traditional Chinese滿清十三皇朝
Simplified Chinese满清十三皇朝
Literal meaningThe Thirteen Manchu Qing Dynasties

Four seasonsEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

  • Title: 血染紫禁城; Bloodshed Over the Forbidden Palace
  • Covers the reigns of the Xianfeng Emperor and Tongzhi Emperor
  • 20 episodes
  • Airing period: April 5 - September 20, 1990

Season 4Edit

  • Title: 危城爭霸 / 皇城爭霸; Battle in the Dangerous City / Battle for the Imperial City
  • Covers the reigns of the Guangxu Emperor and Xuantong Emperor
  • 24 episodes (this season was edited down to 20 episodes when it aired in Hong Kong)
  • Airing period: April 27 - May 22, 1992 (this season was produced in 1990, but it was not aired in Hong Kong until 1992)


The series covered the history of the Qing dynasty during the reigns of its twelve emperors. It started from its early origins as the Later Jin dynasty, founded by Nurhaci in 1616, until its eventual collapse when the last ruler Puyi abdicated in 1912.


Part 1Edit

Part 2Edit

Theme songsEdit

  • Part 1: performed by Chiu San
  • Part 2 (Yongzheng and Qianlong): performed by Lo Chun-shun, Chan Fuk-sang, Lee Chun-hung and Keung Pui-lei
  • Part 2 (Jiaqing and Daoguang): performed by Lo Chun-shun and Keung Pui-lei
  • Part 3: performed by Chiu San
  • Part 4: performed by Jaime Chik


The series was re-aired on ATV Home in Hong Kong between October 3 and December 28, 2006.


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