Yu Minzhong (Chinese: ; pinyin: Mǐnzhōng, 1714–1779) was an official of the Qing Dynasty, who served as chief grand councilor for part of the reign of the Qianlong Emperor. Yu Minzhong was a native of Jintan, Jiangsu province. In 1737, he became a Zhuangyuan of the Imperial examination.[1] Before his appointment as chief grand councilor, he served as an editor and scribe to the emperor.[1] During his tenure as chief grand councilor, a significant rise in corruption occurred.[1]

Yu Minzhong
Chief Grand Councillor
In office
Preceded byLiu Tongxun
Succeeded byAgui
Grand Councillor
In office
1760 – 1779
(as the Chief Grand Councillor since 1773)
Grand Secretary of the Wenhua Hall
In office
Assistant Grand Secretary
In office
Minister of Revenue
In office
27 January 1766 – 17 September 1773
Serving with Arigūn (until 1769), Guwamboo (1769–1770), Surne (since 1770)
Preceded byLiu Lun
Succeeded byWang Jihua
Personal details
Jintan, Jiangsu, China
Died1779 (aged 64–65)
Beijing, China
NationalityQing Empire


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